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One of the first questions asked by researchers is "How long will it take for IRB approval?" The answer, of course is: "It depends."

What can I expect the IRB TAT to be?

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What can I do to facilitate the TAT of my study?

As the PI or study staff preparing the IRB submission documents, the following suggestions can improve IRB TAT for your study:

  • Start early! Don't put yourself and the IRB staff into an unrealistic and stressful situation.
  • Complete your Human Research Protections Training and make sure everyone else who is listed on your IRB application has completed this training, too
  • Update your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume
  • Read and follow instructions on the forms, on the IRB website and from the IRB staff
  • Submit the IRB draft documents (application, administrative attachment, data collection sheets, protocol, model and NHRMC consents, recruitment materials, financial conflict of interest, etc.) to the IRB as complete as possible, but do not think they have to be perfect
  • If the IRB requests a meeting to review feedback, ask questions, etc., schedule it as soon as possible.
  • Don't take questions, requests for edits and other changes personally; they're just part of the process
  • Make requested/required changes and submit revised submission forms in a timely manner
  • For industry-sponsored and multi-center studies, submit the NHRMC draft informed consent to the sponsor after making any IRB' requested revisions, but before final submission to the IRB

What is the difference between IRB approval and administrative approval to start my study?

IRB approval means that a study has met all the federal and NHRMC requirements. Administrative approval means that any and all study planning, administrative issues, communication, etc. have been completed, and the study is ready to start at NHRMC. For retrospective record review studies, administrative approval may occur about the same time as IRB approval when the study notice is sent to Health Information Management, or it may be when the PI receives a patient list. For prospective studies or sponsored clinical trials, administrative approval may occur well after IRB approval pending completion of any contracts, budget negotiations, logistics planning and verification that all departments are ready to begin.


Call Lynette McFayden, Research Director at 667.2641 or email at [email protected]
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