Robert M. Fales Health Sciences Library

The library provides access to the AHEC Digital Library, a virtual collection of health sciences journals, databases, EBM resources, and full-text books to support health care.

Our Services

Our library’s services include literature searches to answer your health care related questions and exhaustive literature reviews to support health care research. Work of our librarians ensures easy access to critical information for continuing professional development.

Health professionals may request literature searches and journal articles from the library. Our librarians also teach database searching classes.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) – Health Professionals may request books or journal articles from another library for a fee.

Our Impact

AHEC librarians are making a difference in North Carolina and beyond.

There are nine AHEC librarians in North Carolina, and the AHEC library network touches every county in North Carolina. AHEC librarians support any and all information needs of North Carolina’s health care providers. Whether you are a rural family physician in the mountains, a nursing student near the coast, or a mental health professional in the piedmont. NC AHEC libraries will support your clinical, educational, or research activities.