Direct Admission

If you are a local physician practice and need to admit a patient, New Hanover Regional Medical Center has made it easier to efficiently communicate and coordinate your patient's admission.

How Direct Admission Works

Referring physicians should call (910) 667-2544 [local] or (877) 392-9648 [toll-free].

  1. The NHRMC Regional Transfer Center will receive the call
  2. An accepting physician at NHRMC will be contacted
  3. The Referring physician and accepting physician will be connected via a conference call
  4. Medical information will be shared with all parties on the phone line
  5. Bed placement options will be discussed
  6. Transport details will be confirmed

Benefits of Streamlined Direct Admission Process

  • Enhanced and expedited communication between all members of the care team
  • Clarify all patient admission arrangements in a single phone call
  • Ensuring patients arrive at Direct Admission area with all medical orders in place
  • Improved patient safety and continuity of care