ACLS & PALS Guidelines & Registration

Class Types

ACLS Provider Course: 1½ day course for first time participants and those whose ACLS provider card has expired.  This class provides more time and practice of skills and scenarios.

ACLS Renewal/Provider Course: a 1 day course for participants who have had ACLS previously and only need review and practice of ACLS skills and scenarios.  Must provide expiration date of ACLS.

PALS Provider Course: This is a 1 day course for healthcare providers interested in obtaining instruction in pediatric resuscitation.

Registering for Courses

Please read all of the guidelines

Due to the limited number of participants per class, the registration is very important to make sure it is verified.

You can NO longer register on-line.

  • You must register with Karen Juma
  • You must register 2 weeks before the class
  • You must either call her at 342-3210 or come by the office and sign up for the class
  • You will receive a confirmation number upon registration
  • You must pick up your book two weeks in advance
  • With your training packet, you will receive a card telling the time and location of the class
  • When you pick up your book you must sign the log sheet in Missy’s Office
  • Cancellations must be received within 72 hours of the work week prior to the class (no week- end cancellations accepted, if you are a hospital employee it will be considered a “No Show”).
  • If you are a participant outside the hospital and you sign up for a class, you must cancel (7) days prior to the class to receive a refund of $100 (this is minus the cost of the books and administration cost). You must cancel by phone or email to Missy.  Her email address is   If you cancel in (7) days or less, you WILL NOT receive any money in return.  Your books can be mailed to you and you are responsible for confirmation of receiving your books 2 weeks prior to class.  
  • No one will be admitted without a book. American Heart has required that you show proof of your BLS prior to taking an ACLS/PALS course. Please bring your card or a copy of your card to class or fax it to 343-4065.  You cannot take the class without proof of your BLS certification.  It is highly suggested that you complete the DVD in the book before coming to class and bringing the completed computer generated precourse test answer sheet.  Class starts at 0800---sign in begins approximately 30 minutes before class

If you are a first time participant or you have expired you will be required to take a provider course that encompasses a day and a ½.

If you are renewing and your card has not expired , then you can take a one day renewal class, please note that you should attempt to register 2 months in advance of your expiration date because the classes fill up fast.


  • Costs are deferred to all NHRMC Mandatory ACLS participants listed (STICU, MICU, CVICU, CCU, PCU, ED, PACU, CRNA’S, OPSU, 7N, 7S, 7E, 6C, CF-ED, CF-ICU, CF-PACU, CVOR, Cardiac Rehab, Pulmonary rehab, CV Lab, Cath lab and all Network Supervisors
  • If you are in an area that highly suggests ACLS then your manager will need to approve your being in class by filling out the  Manager’s Approval Form or you must pay for the class yourself if not approved  by check. (Call Missy Smith for amount)
  • IF you are registered and do not show for the class without canceling you will be considered a “NO-SHOW”, as a NHRMC employee in a mandatory class taking a position that someone else could have utilized, your manager will be notified in order to process a disciplinary action (no-show) toward your attendance record.  If you have been considered a “no-show” for our class then you will not be able to reschedule for 60 days.  If you expire in those 60 days you must find another avenue to obtain your ACLS


If you sign up, please attend.  It is important to respect all your team members and make a true effort to attend class and to do your best.  Your participation is crucial and an absent seat means someone may have been able to participate if we had known.

Thanks again for your attention and help