Wellness needs differ from person to person, and ultimately are a personal, individualized journey. Monitoring and optimizing professional and personal well-being are facets of professionalism, one of the core competencies of practicing as a physician. The NHRMC Family Medicine Residency Program strives to support residents in their wellness development and endeavors as they progress through the program. A sample of our residency’s wellness programs is listed below.

  • Intern Support Group – Weekly “mandatory” (i.e., required to be released from rotation responsibilities) meetings intended to provide interns with the opportunity to share and reflect on the journey of intern year. Support groups for second- and third-year residents are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

  • Wellness-Oriented Conference Sessions – Resident conference series weekly include

    • Reflective Practice (“Balint”) Sessions – Opportunity for residents to process and reflect on how personal experiences and characteristics influence clinical practice and interactions.
    • “Mindless Minutes” Curriculum – Bimonthly teaching and experiential learning of healthy coping mechanisms for stress, including various meditation and mindfulness practices.
    • Professional Life Curriculum – Monthly curriculum created specifically to help residents with professional issues that arise during and after residency. Topics include applying self-awareness skills to improve clinical and personal care, gender issues, basics of finance, and how to manage conflict between personal and professional responsibilities.

  • Wellness Electives – Opportunity to develop and complete elective rotations focusing on professional development and wellness, including delving deeper in to Being.

  • Wellness Days – Residents are allotted two “wellness days” each academic year, to be used for whatever residents need to do for their wellness (e.g., health appointments, relaxation, other personal activities).

  • Resident retreat – Resident-determined activity held on an annual basis.

  • Quarterly cohort social wellness afternoons – Opportunity for each residency cohort to have meaningful social interaction outside of regular clinical responsibilities.

Outside of the family medicine residency program wellness activities, the NHRMC GME office supports resident wellness through numerous activities, including the development of individualized wellness plans, sponsored resident wellness activities (e.g., group surfing lessons, ugly holiday sweater party), and recognition/celebration of residents across programs throughout the year.