Lifestyle Reset

Lifestyle reset

The NHRMC Lifestyle Reset Program uses evidence-based practices and is designed to reduce cardiovascular risk, control stress, and re-establish life balance through the practice of exercise, stress management, and healthy nutrition.  Education by experts in the field will be provided to help individuals understand how exercise, nutrition, and stress management improve health and reduce cardiovascular risk.

The goals of the program include:

  1. The development of an individualized cardiovascular and strength program that can be maintained
  2. Learning and practicing a wide range of techniques that will help with feeling more peaceful, managing stress, and being more mindful in all aspects of life
  3. Learning and practicing meal planning, shopping, and cooking techniques to support a more plant-based whole foods eating plan
  4. Practicing mindful decision making in everyday life to produce sustainable lifestyle changes

The program length is 9 weeks and includes two sessions each week that last about 2 hours.

 Program Pricing

9-week program – Individual  $600.00
9-week program – Couple
9-week program – Employee  $350.00

*Possibility for program fees (Individual, Couple, Employee) to have an option for payment over time.

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming Lifestyle Reset program, please fill out the interest form. A team member will contact you with information about upcoming sessions.