Lifestyle Reset

Lifestyle reset

The NHRMC Lifestyle Reset Program is an innovative, evidence-based disease prevention program in which each participant will be guided to find a healthy balance of lifestyle elements through education, practice, and support. Lifestyle elements include exercise, nutrition, and sustainability; stress management techniques overlap all elements to heighten awareness of our individual needs.

A combination of information compiled from resources including ACLM, Dr. Dean Ornish’s Lifestyle Medicine Program, Mayo Clinic, ACSM, and HAES encourage behavioral change through small steps to create healthy habits. Lifestyle Reset’s healthcare team is comprised of a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Registered Dietitian, and Stress Management Specialist who work together to create the best plan to fit your lifestyle.


The goals of the program include:

  1. The development of a personalized exercise program and accompanying education to ensure participants feel empowered to exercise on their own confidently.
  2. Learning and practicing a wide range of techniques that will help with feeling more peaceful, managing stress, and being more mindful in all aspects of life.
  3. Establishing healthy behaviors that encourage participants to achieve a state of balance with food.
  4. Learning and practicing meal planning, shopping, and cooking techniques to support a more plant-based whole foods eating plan.
  5. Practicing mindful decision making in everyday life to produce sustainable lifestyle changes.

Program Structure:

Duration: 8 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15-7:15pm

Option 1 (encouraged): All 16 sessions in person at the Outpatient Cape Fear Heart Associates Center at 1415 Physicians Drive, 3rd Floor

Option 2: Exercise on your own with the support of our team’s Clinical Exercise Physiologist and attend stress management and education via Zoom. This option will require a minimum of 3 live sessions for assessment and follow up.


 Program Pricing:

8-week program – Individual  $350.00
8-week program –Partner


*Possibility for program fees (Individual, Couple, Employee) to have an option for payment over time.