Nursing & Nurse Aide Information

Nursing Contact Information

Nursing Education -  910.667.5764 or 910.667.3210

Uniform Contact Information

First Uniform, INC.
1616 Shipyard Blvd, Suite 5

Greg's Uniforms
4007 Oleander Drive

IMPORTANT: For the first week, please bring your login information that was mailed to you so you can access the different systems you will be working in.

NHRMC Nursing Dress Code Highlights

Refer to Dress code policy, policy #12.0 for additional information

General Apparel

Employees should wear appropriate, clean, pressed business attire, and clinical attire appropriate for their specific job duties. Inappropriate dress not permitted in the work environment includes:

Jeans, tight stretch leggings, sweat pants or shorts; sweatshirts, tank tops, shirts with advertising, inappropriate or offensive writing; spaghetti strap clothing, halter tops, or tops that reveal bare backs or midriffs; flip flops, thong shoes, or extremely high heels

  • Most RNs/LPNs wear all white or “white on top.”
    Acceptable options include:
  • Navy pants or skirt with white top
  • White pants or skirt with colored or print top covered with white lab coat, jacket or vest
  • All navy with “white on top”
  • Women’s & Children’s nurses wear white on top with ceil[v1] blue or pink[v2]
  • Radiology & OR, Hemodialysis, Cath & EP Labs, Endoscopy units wear hospital provided scrubs and scrub jackets.
  • Behavioral Health staff wears general apparel.
  • Rehabilitation Hospital staff wears general apparel.
  • PCTs, Nursing Assistants, Monitor Techs wear Caribbean Blue scrubs.
  • EDTs wear Royal Blue scrubs.
  • Health Unit Clerks wear business attire and a navy lab jacket.

The following applies to everyone:

The medical center’s identification card must be worn properly above the waist, with the employee’s photograph visible, when the employee is on duty.

Hair should be clean, neat and well groomed. Jewelry should be worn in moderation.The use of artificial nails, overlays or acrylics by direct patient caregivers is prohibited. Natural nails should not exceed ¼ inch from fingertip. If wearing polish, it should not be chipped. Employees wearing any fragrance must be sensitive to their surroundings. Shoes must be worn at all times and meet requirements for safety, cleanliness and appearance. Clogs and white sneakers are permissible. Hosiery or socks should always be worn in the clinical area. Offensive tattoos or body art should be covered at all times. Body piercing should not be evidenced by wearing jewelry (i.e. earring in eyebrows, nose and tongue).

If an employee reports for work improperly dressed or groomed, he/she will be instructed to return home to change clothes. Individual departments may establish standards that are more restrictive due to the nature of their work.

Pender Memorial Hospital and NHRMC Home Care Dress Code Guidelines

Rules about scrub colors and designs do not apply to PMH and Home Care employees. Please speak with your manager if you have questions about work attire.