Corporate Compliance

Corporate compliance involves the prevention, detection and correction of illegal acts, unethical or non-compliant behavior within the organization through education, identification and enforcement of the Novant Health Code of Ethics.

Guidelines for Business Courtesies and Gifts 

  • Never accept money from patients or families. 
  • Never accept any advertising items or souvenir of more than nominal value (>$25). 
  • Beware of any vendor that offers all-expense paid trips or free services, cash or big ticket items in return for purchasing. 

HIPAA Compliance 

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a Federal Law that makes it illegal to violate patient privacy.

  • It promotes privacy, confidentiality and security of patient health information (PHI) in all forms- electric, written, oral and any other. 
  • It reinforces Patients' rights.
  • There is a zero tolerance policy of inappropriate access. Detection may occur via random audits, monitoring and direct reports.
  • Employees should only access patient information that is needed for job-related reasons.  

Disciplinary Actions for HIPAA Violations

Disciplinary Actions which may result:  

  • Written Warning
  • Final Written Warning or Discharge
  • No merit increase
  • No eligibility for service excellence teams or recognition. 

Civil and criminal penalties may also apply and are enforced by the Office of Civil Rights.

How do I report compliance issues?

  • Discuss with your coordinator, supervisor/manager, director or VP 
  • Contact Compliance/Privacy Officer 910.667.5331
  • Hotline: 800.348.9847 
  • Visit