Logging on to your Employee Self Service (YESS)

Your Employee Self Service

Use remote access to log in to Employee Self Service and review and/or change your benefit information.


YESS is available to you on any NHRMC computer or from your home. You are assigned a personal user ID and password by the IS Help Desk.

User name: Your NetworkID
Password: If you have not changed your password, please use the following format:

  • Upper Case first letter of First Name
  • Lower Case first letter of Last Name
  • Upper Case second letter of Last Name
  • Full Birth Date (MMDDYY)

Employee: Joe Smith (DOB 07/04/78)
Password: JsM070478

Your Employee Self Service password protects the confidentiality of your information and the integrity of the system. You are responsible for protecting your password from unauthorized use. Don't share it with anyone. Don't keep a copy of it by your computer. We recommend changing your password to something meaningful to you as soon as you access the system the first time. If you have any concern someone may have seen your password, change it immediately.

If you have forgotten your user name or password and this key is not helpful, please call the IS help desk at 910.343.7855 to have your information reset. Please give them your employee number when you call to avoid confusion between employees with similar names.