Managing Your Information

Your Employee Self Service

Use remote access to log in to Employee Self Service and review and/or change your benefit information.


We try to make it easy for you to manage your payroll, benefits and personal information in a secure and convenient way.

Your Employee Self-Service

Your Employee Self-Service (Y.E.S.S.) is the secure, online portal for accessing your benefit and employee information and making changes. You can access it from the intranet at work or from your home through remote access.

Forms & Policies

Visit Forms and Policies to learn about your responsibilities and find downloadable documentation.

Leaving NHRMC Employment

When you are ready to retire, move, or pursue another opportunity, we’ll work with you to smooth the transition.

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  • Legal Notices


Pay Vouchers

NHRMC has paperless pay vouchers that are securely sent to employees through email. Instructions for downloading will be delivered with your voucher. You can also see your vouchers through Lawson, which is available through the employee intranet, Capslive and through Remote Access at home.

Electronic W-2s

You have the option of receiving your W-2s electronically. Sign-up through Lawson.


If you have questions about your paycheck, you can talk with a representative from the payroll deparment during regular business hours. No appointment is necessary. Our office is on the third floor of the NHRMC Business Center, 3151, S. 17th Street.

IRS Rule

Employee payroll deductions for benefits are taken before taxes and qualify for tax exempt status under Section 125 of the IRS code. Plans with tax exempt employee contributions are prohibited from allowing changes in coverage:(1) except during one annual enrollment period; or (2) within 30 days of a qualifying event.

NHRMC could lose its special treatment for failure to impose these limitations, and individual employees may be subject to IRS audit, which could result in payment of additional taxes and/or penalty; therefore, these limitations on enrollment and changes are strictly enforced. This irrevocability rule applies to both increases and decreases in coverage, such as adding or dropping dependents from coverage.

HIPAA Notice of Special Enrollment Rights