Checklist Before You Leave

Before you leave your job with New Hanover Regional Medical Center, review these steps for managing the end or transfer of your benefits.  

  • Action Items Checklist: Click here to download a printed version of this checklist
  • Notify your supervisor. Check HR Policy 58.0 for your notice requirements.
  • Decide whether you want to continue your Health, Dental, Vision, and/or Flexible Spending Account benefits through COBRA.
    • For COBRA rates, click here
    • If you want to continue benefits, you must complete the Continuation of Benefits Form COBRA and return it with payment to the HR Benefits Team. This form is mailed to your home address after your last day worked.
  • If you have a Benny Card for your Medical Flexible Spending Account, you must destroy the card and NOT use it past your termination date. You have 30 days to file paper claims for eligible expenses incurred before your termination date. More information is included in your COBRA notification.
  • If you want to continue benefits, you must complete the Continuation of Benefits Form COBRA and return it with payment to the HR Benefits Team. This form is mailed to your home address after your last day worked.
  • Notify your 403b company (i.e. AIG Retirement Services) directly if you wish to request a distribution or rollover of your money: 800.448.2542 or online. If you have an old 403b, look on an account statement for contact information
  • Set up an exit interview with Employee Relations by calling 910.667.7049.
  • If you will be moving, please notify Human Resources of your change of address. To change your address electronically on or before your last day, login to Your Employee Self Service, click on "Move" under the Life Events section and input your new address.
  • Return your NHRMC key(s), pagers, ID badge, and any other NHRMC property to your department on your last day of work.

Health, Dental & Vision Coverage

  • Your active health, dental and vision coverage ends on the last day of the month in which you leave NHRMC. You may choose to continue your health, dental and/or vision coverage through COBRA for up to 18 months.
  • You have 60 days to elect COBRA coverage from the date of your COBRA notification. Initial payment is required within 45 days of election date in order for benefits to be provided under COBRA.
  • A letter of credible coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield will be mailed to health plan participants after your coverage ends. Click here for your legal notice regarding your COBRA rights.

Flexible Spending Accounts

  • Your contributions to your FSAs stop with your last paycheck (unless you are eligible and elect to continue contributions to your FSA under COBRA).
  • You can submit claims for expenses that you incurred on or prior to your last day of employment.
  • Paper claims can only be filed for 30 days after your termination date.

Tuition Benefits

  • Tuition monies received in any of the 12 months preceding the termination date must be repaid in full to NHRMC. In months 13-24, the amount owed to NHRMC is 50%. This is based on the date paid and not the date the course was completed.
  • Monies owed to NHRMC will be automatically deducted from your final paycheck/PDO check and a bill sent for any remaining balance.

Retirement Benefits

You may request a distribution or rollover of any or all of your NHRMC 403b retirement funds at any time after you leave NHRMC or you may choose to leave your retirement funds. To request a distribution or rollover:

  • Contact your investment company(ies) to request the appropriate form(s).
  • Complete the form(s) and submit to NHRMC Benefits for plan administrator approval.
  • Be sure your form includes your spouse's notarized signature, if you are married.

The mailing address is:
NHRMC HR Benefits 
PO Box 2318
Wilmington, NC 28401

The plan administrator will approve the request and forward it within two business days to the company(ies). (The plan administrator will contact you, if the form is incomplete).

All vested employees in the NHRMC Pension Plan will automatically receive a pension application within six weeks of their last day worked (about two weeks after your last paycheck/PDO check) detailing their pension benefit payment options and providing instructions on how to receive payment.

There is no paperwork to sign before this application arrives. Only when returning the pension application should you include a photocopy of your birth certificate or driver’s license, if married, a photocopy of your spouse’s birth certificate or driver’s license and a photocopy of your marriage certificate.

Life Insurance

  • Your group term life insurance policy with Sun Life Financial ends on your last day of employment with NHRMC.
  • If applicable, you might consider converting your group term life within 30 days of your last day of employment. Information is included with your COBRA notification.
  • Trustmark Family Life will begin to bill you at home for your policies about 45 days after your last NHRMC paycheck deduction.

Paid Days Off

Your PDO check for any remaining PDOs (if eligible per HR Policy 42.0) are payable in a separate check issued one day after your last normal payroll check. It is US mailed to your home address.