Employee Nutrition Services

Our NHRMC Wellness Dietitians host classes to help employees and dependents meet their nutrition and wellness goals.

Nutrition TeamNHRMC is dedicated to the health of its employees, their dependents and our community. Wellness Dietitians Ana Evans and Sara Parrish host healthy cooking classes to help NHRMC's employees and families live healthier lives.

Find out how to make healthier dishes for every meal. If you are enrolled in the Healthy Lifestyles Program, a cooking class or grocery store tour may help you meet your annual action item requirements. New selections include classes designed for picky eaters, healthy food preparation, and a Garden to Table class that takes class members to the NHRMC Community Garden to pick fresh produce.

We feature four- and eight-week series designed to help you make changes to your diet and nutrition. We also provide seasonally relevant classes throughout the year to help employees utilize locally sourced food in practical and tasty ways.

We also feature grocery store tours. These are designed to help you stock your cupboard and refrigerator with wholesome, budget-friendly foods that will enable you to make better food choices.

See our full menu of program offerings below to learn more about the classes offered at low or no cost to employees and dependents.

8 Week Healthy Cooking Series

Course Description: These new “Theme Night” cooking classes can be taken as an 8-week series or as individual classes that are of interest to you. Join your Wellness Dietitians and Chef to learn the basics of healthy eating and cooking in a hands-on and practical way. Each week will include a new meal featuring 3-4 healthy recipes. You’ll take home additional recipes to try at home, too! Theme Night classes include:

  • Hands on learning and
  • A full meal to enjoy at the end of class
  • Culinary nutrition information aimed to help you reach your wellness goals
  • Vegetarian/vegan options in every class 

What You Get at Each Class: Food samples, recipes, shopping lists, nutrition handouts and meal ideas

Location: Fitness Center Kitchen

When: Each class is held at 4 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on the dates listed below.

Cost: $5 per session or $35 for whole series

Each week, our Dietitian focuses on a new topic that will help you gain the tools and knowledge you will need as you work to achieve your wellness goals. Choose one or all of the following cooking classes (each class is $5 per person):

  • 4/17: Health Starts in the Kitchen (Chipotle Bowls, garlic lime brown rice, homemade chipotle ranch, veggies)
  • 4/24: One Pot Meals (Instant Pot Spring Soup, cheddar biscuits, 5-minute blender ice cream)  
  • 5/1: Spices and Marinades (Jambalaya, Seasoned Cauliflower Rice, Key Lime Parfaits)
  • 5/8: Beyond Basic Lunches (Thai Summer Rolls, lightened up peanut dipping sauce, quinoa walnut citrus salad, smoky sweet potato fries)
  • 5/15: Bountiful Brunch (Blueberry Muffins and More, Mediterranean egg cups, maple Dijon chicken salad; make-ahead snack ideas)
  • 5/22: Recipe Makeovers (Crispy Tenders and Cheesy Potatoes: herb and panko-crusted chicken tenders, mashed garlic-parmesan cauliflower, raspberry spinach salad)
  • 5/29:  Meal Planning 101 (Lightened Up Meatballs and Pasta: turkey meatballs, 3 types of pasta, homemade tomato sauce, lightened up Caesar salad with homemade croutons)
  • 6/5: Pizza Party (Pizza and Brownies: tomato-basil flatbread, gluten-free brownies, mixed berry sauce, pomegranate mocktails)

To register for one class or all 8, CLICK HERE!

4 Week Food Preparation Classes

This series will show you the basics of simple, tasty and healthy food preparation. Each week we will explore creative and budget-conscious ways to prepare a new food group and meal time. Our motto is “Cook once, eat 5 times!” Join us to learn how to prepare homemade, healthy food for one or for the whole family. Food preparation is an important strategy for maintaining a healthy body weight and improving your overall health status. Join us to learn more!

Cost: $20 (will be deducted from Payroll after registration)

Location: Fitness Center Teaching Kitchen

To see the upcoming class schedule, and to register online CLICK HERE!

Healthy Lifestyles Plan: Salt Smarts (for Hypertension)

The key to improving heart health is much more than putting down the salt shaker. This class will empower employees and dependents who have hypertension with information and demonstrations on where salt comes from, nutrition label reading and tasty alternatives that will lower their blood pressure and improve their overall health.  

Topics:  American Heart Association’s recommendations for salt intake, DASH Diet 101 and  tasty whole food based recipes that are simple to make and naturally low in salt.

Target Audience: Employees/dependents who have hypertension or are at risk for hypertension, and anyone looking to ditch their salt habit and try some delicious new recipes.

Cost: Free for Healthy Lifestyle Plan participants, $5 for others (will be deducted from Payroll after registration)

To see the upcoming class schedule, and to register online CLICK HERE! 

Healthy Grocery Store Tours

NHRMC’s grocery store tours are designed to take the question mark out of healthy eating! If you have pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, food allergies, trouble losing weight or are just looking to improve your diet a grocery store tour can help you make better choices. 

Topics: Review food labels and learn how to evaluate products, what to buy organic, healthy and quick meal ideas, smart snacking, learn new ingredients, creative ideas to increase fruit/veggie intake, eating for heart health and to lower blood sugar, reaching a healthy weight and answer questions along the way

Location: Harris Teeter - corner of Shipyard Boulevard/College Road

Target Audience: Employees/Dependents

To see the upcoming class schedule, and to register online CLICK HERE!

Garden to Table

The Garden to Table classes take you to the NHRMC Community Garden, where you will harvest produce. Then you'll drive over to the Teaching Kitchen at the Jack Barto Center for Employee Fitness, where you'll use that produce in a delicious, nutritious meal that will satisfy the whole family. The classes are designed to give adults and children the skills to prepare seasonal produce as part of an affordable meal. The menu changes based on what is ripe for the picking in the garden, so you might want to attend more than one session.

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Healthy Foods for Picky Eaters

This class for kids and adults is targeted to help picky eaters enjoy new and healthy foods. Parents and kids of all ages are welcome. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Cost: $5 per class

Location: Fitness Center Teaching Kitchen

To see the upcoming class schedule and to register online, CLICK HERE!

21-Day Whole Body Reset

Attend this one-hour session to kickstart a balanced nutrition plan that is tasty and sustainable. NHRMC dietitians will share a strategy and all the materials you will need to enjoy increased energy levels, improved sleep, more balanced eating habits, weight loss and overall improved well-being.

Who should do the 21-day reset? Anyone looking to learn more about nutrition, sustainable weight loss, improved overall health, and/or develop a healthier relationship with food  by getting rid of the “diet mentality” and focusing on health from the inside out.

What will my food intake for the 21 days look like? Enjoy unlimited fruits, veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, delicious spice blends and marinades, breakfast shakes, home baked treats, and much more during your 21-day reset program! By focusing on the healthy and delicious foods you CAN eat, you won’t feel deprived or crave the foods we stay away from during the program: alcohol, refined sugar, “processed” food, gluten and dairy product.

Sample day of eating on the 21-Day Reset:

  • Breakfast: Dark chocolate cherry superfood smoothie
  • Snack: Apple and mixed nuts
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken lettuce wraps with balsamic dressing; fruit
  • Snack: Guacamole and salsa on rice crackers or hummus with fresh vegetables
  • Dinner: 30-Minute chili, brown rice and vegetables

What if I'm vegan or have dietary restrictions? The program allows for modification to suit vegan and plant-based diets, and those with irritable bowel syndrome and other dietary restrictions. 

What will I get? A guidebookmeal planmore recipes, grocery list, daily support from your wellness dietitians and a plan that will help you “transition” off the Reset program and into a balanced everyday nutrition plan. Read the FAQs here.

Will I maintain my results? Our goal is that the 21-day reset program will help you form a healthy and sustainable foundation of eating habits. Most people who complete the 21-day program feel so great they don’t’ want to go back to eating over processed, high sugar/salty foods and fast food options.

Cost: FREE! 

Note: If you plan to participate in the Reset but cannot attend the kickoff session, please sign up online so that you will receive emails from the Wellness Dietitians throughout the Reset.

To see the upcoming class schedule and to register online, CLICK HERE!


Healthy Lifestyles Plan: Sugar Savvy (for Diabetes)

If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, food has the power to improve your health and well-being. The goal of this class is to empower employees and dependents with information and demonstrations on how food choices can prevent, treat and improve diabetes.

Topics: The Role of Food in Diabetes Management,  Foods that Improve Blood Glucose Levels, Principles of Practical and Delicious Meal Preparation

Location: Fitness Center Kitchen

Target Audience: Employees/dependents who have diabetes or pre-diabetes, and anyone looking to ditch their sugar habit and get some delicious new recipes.

Cost: Free for Healthy Lifestyles Plan participants, $5 for others (will be deducted from Payroll after registration)

To see the upcoming class schedule and to register online, CLICK HERE!

Portion Control 101

Proper portion control can be a major challenge for those embarking on a weight loss or healthy eating journey. The goal of this class is to teach and demonstrate what proper serving sizes look like and provide participants with tools to better balance their plate at home. Participants will also learn to portion foods more appropriately when dining out. This class will show you how to get the most nutrient- rich foods in your diet without overeating.
Comparing serving size and portion size, Components of a healthy plate and proper portioning, Estimating portions of unknown foods (i.e. dining out and combination foods, such as casseroles and soups), Calorie-dense and nutrient-dense food choices
Fitness Center Kitchen
Target Audience:
Employees/dependents who want to learn how to properly portion their meals and snacks to optimal health and/or weight loss results
$5/class (will be deducted from Payroll after registration)

To see the upcoming class schedule and to register online, CLICK HERE!!

Healthy Kitchen Appliances Workshop

Learn the health benefits of the Instant Pot, Air Fryer and Ninja blenders. We will whip up some new tasty recipes while teaching you the basics of how to use these new appliances.

Want to test it out at home and see if you’ll use it before you buy one?

Take an appliance home for free for a week through our new “Lend an Appliance” teaching kitchen library!

To see the upcoming class schedule, and to register online CLICK HERE!

Valentines Day Cooking

Roll up your sleeves with your spouse, best friend, coworker or significant other for an evening of preparing and sharing a healthy meal together.

Meal will include: Wine & Mocktails; Appetizers; Main Dish; Side Dishes; Decadent Dessert. 
Target Audience: Employees/dependents and a guest 
Cost: $20 per couple (via employee payroll deduct) 

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Healthy Holidays Cooking

Join us for some holiday cooking classes that support the fitness center's Maintain, Don't Gain program. Classes will teach participants how to enjoy healthier side dishes, smarter appetizers and lighter desserts.

Topics: Traditional recipe makeovers, reducing sugar and salt, weight management strategies

Location: Fitness Center Teaching Kitchen

Cost: $5 per class

To see the upcoming class schedule and to register online, CLICK HERE!