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Looking to make a change? Follow this program to get meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists that will help you eat healthier. 

Congratulations on your decision to join the 21-Day Whole Body Reset program!

Changing your diet might help with some everyday problems such as poor sleep, fatigue, bloating, puffy eyes, headaches and lack of mental focus. Within a few days after you start the program, you will start to notice positive changes, such as increased energy, elimination of food cravings, clearer thinking, better sleep and a more pleasant mood.

Your NHRMC dietitians have developed a comprehensive meal plan that includes three meals each day, plus snacks. The meal plan also includes vegetarian and vegan options.

Download the One-Week Sample Plan and Blank Meal Planning Template

Full 21-Day Meal Plan 

Need more recipes? Click here.

As you embark on your Reset journey, please remember that this meal plan serves as a guide, or idea box, of healthy recipes and snacks. The recipes and the meal plan are not specific to your individual calorie or nutrition needs, and the portions may need to be adjusted based on your specific needs such as carbohydrate counting for diabetes or salt intake for hypertension.

As stated in the guidebook, please continue taking any prescribed medication and get approval from your physician before making any drastic dietary changes. If you would like specific guidance with your portions, calorie or carbohydrate needs, please schedule an appointment with a wellness dietitian by calling (910) 667-4013. 

In addition, you can download the 21-Day Whole Body Reset Master Guide and Info Packet, which includes grocery shopping lists, links to recipes, a smoothies guide and post-reset instructions.

Download the Master Guide and Info Packet here.

Once you have completed the 21-Day Whole Body Reset, you will want to reference the materials below:

Download the Post Reset Materials here.

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We have also created a short accountability questionnaire for participants to submit. Fill out this form to help establish your goals and plan of action for your 21-Day Reset.

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