Prescription Drug Benefits

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You will automatically be provided with prescription drug coverage when you elect any of the medical plan options. For the NHRMC Plan and the Standard Plan, the rates shown in the chart below will apply to all prescription drug purchases. To obtain a listing of the participating pharmacies, generic equivalents and drug tier levels, go to

2017 Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice 

Mandatory Generic Drug Policy

Many prescription drugs are available as both a brand name drug and a generic name drug. By law, generic drugs must meet the same standards for safety and effectiveness as brand name drugs. Obtaining generic drugs whenever possible can provide you with direct savings because you pay a lower co-pay. It also provides you with indirect savings because you save the plan money, which ultimately benefits you.

When you have a prescription filled, you will receive a generic substitute whenever possible. If there is not a generic equivalent available, tier pricing will apply. If you choose to receive the brand name drug and a generic equivalent is available, you will pay the difference between the full cost of the generic and the brand-name drug, plus the tier co-pay.

Prescription Drug Benefits

Any MedImpact In-Network Pharmacy

  • Tier 1 30‐Day Supply $4
  • Tier 2 30‐Day Supply $20
  • Tier 3 30‐Day Supply $40
Mandatory Mail Order Maintenance Medications** Prescription Drug 90-Day Supply
Tier 1 90-Day Supply co-pay at 2 1/2 times ($10)
Tier 2 90-Day Supply co-pay at 2 1/2 times ($50)
Tier 3 90-Day Supply co-pay at 2 1/2 times ($100)

Maintenance Medication by Mail

Our prescription drug plan requires maintenance medications (drugs you take regularly to manage a chronic condition) to be filled through MedImpact Direct. You will still be able to fill a maintenance drug prescription twice for a 30-day supply at a retail pharmacy. After that, maintenance drugs must be filled for a 90-supply through MedImpact Direct.  

All employees who use mail-order prescription delivery for maintenance medications can contact MedImpact Direct by calling (855) 873-8739 or by visiting Your provider can submit your prescription electronically via ePrescribing or fax to: (888) 783-1773. You can review the MedImpact Direct letter here

Specialty Prescriptions

For our members who require specialty medications, MedImpact has partnered with CommCare Specialty Pharmacy to meet your needs. To reach CommCare, call (888) 203-7973 or visit Please review this letter for additional information about CommCare.

NHRMC Outpatient Pharmacy

You may purchase over-the-counter medicine at highly discounted rates, including ibuprofen, acetaminophen, antihistamine, cough medicine and smoking cessation aids.