NHRMC Medical Plan

Lower Co-Pay for NHRMC Primary Care Visits

NHRMC Plan participants who visit an NHRMC Physician Group - Primary Care office have a reduced office visit co-payment of $25.


The NHRMC plan is designed to provide the most cost-effective, quality healthcare services. Your deductible is the lowest on this plan: $500 Individual / $1,000 Family. Under this plan, your office visit co-pay with a primary care physician who is an in-network NHRMC Physician Group provider is $25; an office visit with a primary care physician who is in-network with UHC but not a NHRMC Physician Group provider is $35; specialist visit is $40. Your co-pay at an in-network urgent care center is $35. Out-of-network visits are not covered.
You and your covered dependents also can have necessary emergency medical care provided at any hospital for $350 co-pay.
Under this plan, if the service can be performed at a NHRMC facility, the service must be performed at a NHRMC facility. These services include inpatient and outpatient services, rehabilitation services, major diagnostics, mammograms and scopic procedures. If you choose to have these services performed elsewhere for you and/or anyone covered under your medical coverage, you will be 100% responsible for any charges incurred. If you need to have care that we do not provide - for example, a transplant - it will be covered at any other UnitedHealthcare in-network facility as if you received the care at a NHRMC facility; please contact your Human Resource Benefits Administrator in this situation.

NHRMC Plan Facilities

College Students

If you have a full-time college student covered under this plan who is living 50 miles outside of Wilmington, you may still select the NHRMC Plan. Your child will be able to visit UHC network providers at no increased cost to you. This applies to full-time dependent students only and allows the student to get services at any in-network UHC provider without being restricted to NHRMC facilities for coverage.