Requesting Your Benny Card

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Benny™ Card

After your benefit effective date, you must call Flores & Associates at 800.532.3327 to order your Benny™ card. It will take 7-10 business days to arrive at your home address. NHRMC pays for the first issue of two cards. If you require additional cards, or your cards are lost or stolen, you will pay a $10 re-issue fee which will be deducted from your health care FSA balance.

When you use the Benny™ card, you will pay the expense directly from your HCFSA account balance. You can use the Benny™ card at medical service provider offices, pharmacies, and merchants with an approved inventory system. A complete list of merchants with approved inventory systems can be found at

How do I activate the Benny card?

Once you have ordered your card, you will receive a separate mailing in a plain white envelope from Flores & Associates with your participant identification number (PID). You will need this number along with your card to activate it.

Current Benny Card Holders:

If you elect a HCFSA, keep your card from last year; the new plan year funds will be loaded onto your existing card balance. Your Benny card is valid for five (5) years from the date issued (see the expiration date on your card.) If your card has been lost or stolen and you need the card reissued, there is a $5 re-issue fee.