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The following members of your family are eligible for benefits through your employment at Novant Health.

  • Legally married spouse recognized under state law. Former spouses are not eligible dependents upon finalization of a divorce or annulment, even if a court order requires the subscriber to provide health insurance for the former spouse. See spouse mandate information to determine if a spouse can be covered on your Novant Health medical plan.
  • Child dependents up to the age of 26.
  • Adult children who are incapable of self-support because of mental or physical handicap and who became incapable of self-support before age 19 while covered as a dependent under this or any other group plan - medical, dental and vision

Dependent children are defined as the subscriber's biological children, stepchildren, legally adopted children, children for whom the employee has assumed a legal obligation for total or partial support in anticipation of adoption of the child, or children specified in a court order or divorce decree.

In addition, children include extended dependents in the legal custody or legal guardianship of the employee or the employee's spouse. The legal responsibility is demonstrated by a valid court order and the child's official residence with the custodian or guardian.