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As a part of New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s team you have a benefits package that provides support for you and your family as you take care of your health and plan for your future. This section covers benefits for NHRMC and NHRMC Physician Group employees. Pender Memorial Hospital employee benefits are covered separately.

Who is Eligible and When

Some benefits start right away, others begin after your eligibility waiting period (first of the month after 60 days of employment). We also offer benefits that vary depending on the number of hours you work. Your eligibility, and the eligibility of the family members you cover, may change over time. You will need to notify your customer service contacts in HR of any changes.

Benefits by FTE

The number of hours you work impacts the types of benefits you are eligible to receive.  Benefits by FTE are outlined here.

Health & Wellness

We know how important your health is so providing a health benefits plan that is robust, focuses on preventative care and is affordable has been a driving mission for us.  

We also offer support for your health through special wellness benefits.


We help you plan for the future through 403(b) and 457(b) retirement plans.  Learn more about our plans and how you can help secure your future income.

Life and Long Term Disability

If something happens to you, you want to be sure your family has the financial resources they need. NHRMC helps provide this peace of mind through life and long-term disability insurance.


LegalShield is a comprehensive group legal plan. It covers you, your spouse, never married children under the age of 26 living at home, and children under age 18 for whom the member acts as legal guardian, or any dependent child, regardless of age, who is mentally or physically disabled, for whom the member is primarily responsible.


The plan offers nationwide coverage:

  • Unlimited phone consultations
  • Phone calls and letters on your behalf
  • Contract and document review
  • Mortgage document assistance
  • Uncontested separation
  • Uncontested divorce
  • Uncontested name change
  • Trial defense services
  • IRS audit legal services
  • In-office consultation
  • Preferred member discount
  • Wills (including living will and health care power of attorney)
  • Coverage for moving traffic violations (including teenage drivers)
  • Identity theft monitoring and restoration

LegalShield provides members with direct access to quality law firms, for a consultation or a few quick questions. There are no claim forms or deductibles.

LegalShield representatives are available on site for questions and enrollment the last Thursday of every month. If you would like to set up an appointment to meet with a representative, please contact Glen Gullie of LegalShield at 919-880-8410 or by email gullie@legalshieldassociate.com.

You can enroll in our group legal plan at any time. Benefits start the first of the month following the review of your application. Applications are available through the HR office, or from the LegalShield Representative.

LegalShield Rates

(per pay period)

Legal Plan: $7.36
Identity Theft Shield: $6.90
Legal Plan with Identity Theft Shield: $11.95

College Savings

NHRMC has a group enrollment plan with the NC National College Savings Program so you can save for college with paycheck deductions. You can save for your child, yourself or anyone else you wish to assist with college.

Just decide how much you wish to contribute in your bi-weekly paycheck. Your invested money will pay for tuition, fees, room & board, and books at any college anywhere in the country.

Funds are invested in a range of strategies from conservative to aggressive. You choose the combination that meets your own investment objectives.

For more information, call CFNC at 1-800-600-3453 or visit the website www.cfnc.org/savings.

All contributions to Section 529 plan are after-tax. You can enroll in the plan at any time with no enrollment fees or charges.

CFNC Enrollment form

CFNC Payroll Deduction form

Tuition Assistance

We support your commitment to education through a tuition assistance program that offers up to $2,000 a year at an accredited university or college for a field of study related to your current position or another position at NHRMC.

Paid Days Off

Employees accrue PDO hours (holiday, vacation, personal and sick time) to use for scheduled and unscheduled time off from work. The amount of time is based on your PDO benefit date and hours paid, up to a maximum of 80 hours per pay period. Physician Group policies for Paid Time Off (PTO) or Paid Days Off (PDO) vary by practice. Please see your practice manager for details.

Donating PDO

You may donate PDO hours to co-workers who exhaust their own PDO banks while on a leave of absence or who experience a personal tragedy. Solicitation of PDO is prohibited, and you must leave at least 96 hours in your bank after a donation to a co-worker. You may not donate PDO hours to another employee during your resignation notice.

PDO Donation Form

PDO Sellback

NHRMC offers three PDO sellback periods each year. Any hours accrued greater than 480 will be sold back during the summer PDO sell back period. A balance of 96 hours must be maintained in order to be eligible to sell back PDO hours. You must be employed longer than one year to participate in the PDO sellback. PDOs sold are pro-rated if you have worked at the organization for less than five years in accordance with the following table.

Length of Service Rate of Payment
< 1 yr 0%
> / = 1 yr but < 3 yrs 50%
> / = 3 yrs but < 5 yrs 75%
> / = 5 yrs 100%


NHRMC offers benefit-eligible employees financial assistance up to $3,000 for adopting a child. This amount is comparable to what NHRMC would spend for employees who give birth using its medical plan, making this an equitable benefit for both biological and adoptive parents. Eligible adoption-related expenses are out-of-pocket expenses not reimbursable under any other program and may include:

  • Reasonable and customary licensed public and private agency fees
  • Reasonable and customary legal fees and court costs
  • Medical expenses of the child prior to adoption not covered by insurance
  • Immigration, immunization and translation fees
  • Transportation and lodging

NHRMC will reimburse an employee for two adoptions during his or her employment. If an employee and his or her spouse both work for NHRMC, only one employee may use the adoption assistance benefit.

To apply for this benefit, complete the Adoption Assistance Application and submit it to Human Resources-Benefits with the appropriate supporting documentation and receipts. If approved, you will be reimbursed in your paycheck up to $3000 minus FICA and Medicare deductions.


NHRMC has an exclusive arrangement with the Children’s Learning Center (CLC) to provide quality childcare to the children of NHRMC employees.

  • Five-star child care facility
  • Accepts children from six weeks to five years old
  • Offers after-school care, including care during school system holidays and closings
  • Extended hours: 6:15 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
  • Located at 735 Medical Center Drive

NHRMC provides a CLC enrollment discount to NHRMC employees for up to two children for pre-school. When both parents are employed at NHRMC, the combined reimbursement can be up to $150 per child per month.

CLC Reimbursement Agreement

To receive reimbursement download and print the Children's Learning Center Reimbursement application and return the completed form to Human Resources.


  • $85 per week for after school
  • $10 for additional full day
  • $140 for full weeks
  • $28 drop-in full day

For more information about the center and the childcare rates, go to www.clcnhhn.com or call 910-251-0003 to schedule a tour.

Benefit Eligibility = 0.40 FTE or greater

Other Benefits

  • Bereavement leave and jury duty leave
  • "Red Apple" designation for healthy food initiative
  • Gift shops featuring discount tickets for local and regional attractions
  • Employee Service Award Banquet
  • 90-day new employee luncheon
  • Benefit Fair and Discount Vendor Fair
  • Employee of Excellence
  • Employee of the Year
  • Leader of Excellence
  • Spotlight program
  • Fundraising events
  • Credit unions and onsite ATM machines
  • Onsite dry cleaning pickup and drop off
  • Work only Weekends (WOW)
  • Employee Benevolent Fund
  • Free parking and shuttle service
  • Cafeteria discounts and holiday courtesy meals