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As a part of the Novant Health team, you have a benefits package that provides support for you and your family as you take care of your health and plan for your future. This section covers benefits for Novant Health team members. Pender Memorial Hospital team member benefits are covered separately.

2023 Benefits

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Novant Health Retirement Plus Plan 

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Who is Eligible and When

New hire benefits begin on the first of the month following their date of hire. Benefits are offered depending on the number of hours you work. Your eligibility, and the number of the family members you cover, may change over time. To submit a status change call the team member solution center at 910-667-6000.

Health & Wellness

We know how important your health is so providing a health benefits plan that is robust, focuses on preventive care and is affordable has been a driving mission for us.  

We also offer support for your health through special well-being benefits.

Retirement & Financial Planning

The benefits package at Novant Health includes the Retirement Plus Plan. To ensure team members have the information, resources and support they need to make decisions with confidence, Novant Health is pleased to partner with Fidelity Investments, who is the record-keeper for the Plan.

Click here for retirement plan information.

Life and Disability Insurance

If something happens to you, you want to be sure your family has the financial resources they need. NHRMC helps provide this peace of mind through life and long-term disability insurance.

Tuition Assistance

We support your commitment to education through a tuition assistance program that offers up to $3,000 a year at an accredited university or college for a field of study related to your current position or another position at NHRMC.

Paid Time Off

The purpose of PTO is to provide team members with flexible paid time off from work that can be used for needs such as vacations, personal or family illness, holidays, doctor appointments, school, volunteerism and other activities of the team member's choice.

New hires will be provided a lump sum of PTO equal to your weekly scheduled hours. For example, if you are part-time scheduled to work 24 hours per week, you will be provided with 24 hours of PTO. If you are full-time scheduled to work 40 hours per week, you will be provided with 40 hours of PTO. In addition to the lump sum PTO you will receive, beginning the first day of the month following your date of hire, you will accrue PTO each pay period according to the schedule below.

Accrual based on 40-hour work week

Months of service

Bi-weekly accrual

Hourly accrual rate

Annual number of days**




Will vary













180 or more




* During months 0-11, new hires will accrue PTO at an hourly accrual rate of .080800 to adjust for the lump sum PTO bank they received at the time their benefits became effective.

**Annual number of days assumes 26 pay periods of PTO accrual.  During months 0-11, the number of days a new hire will accrue is based on the number of pay periods they accrue PTO, subject to the new hire benefit waiting period rule.  

Donating PTO

You may donate PTO hours to co-workers who exhaust their own PTO banks while on a leave of absence or who experience a personal tragedy. Solicitation of PTO is prohibited, and you must leave at least 96 hours in your bank after a donation to a co-worker. You may not donate PTO hours to another employee during your resignation notice.

PTO Donation Form

PTO Sellback

Novant Health team members may sell back PTO once each calendar quarter, using the chart below. For more details, see PTO Sellback in PolicyStat.

Length of Service Maximum sellback hours Sellback value 
Fewer than 10 years 80 hours 75%
10 years, but fewer than 20 years 100 hours 95%
20 years or more 120 hours 95%


NHRMC offers benefit-eligible employees financial assistance up to $3,000 for adopting a child. This amount is comparable to what NHRMC would spend for employees who give birth using its medical plan, making this an equitable benefit for both biological and adoptive parents. Eligible adoption-related expenses are out-of-pocket expenses not reimbursable under any other program and may include:

  • Reasonable and customary licensed public and private agency fees
  • Reasonable and customary legal fees and court costs
  • Medical expenses of the child prior to adoption not covered by insurance
  • Immigration, immunization and translation fees
  • Transportation and lodging

NHRMC will reimburse an employee for two adoptions during his or her employment. If an employee and his or her spouse both work for NHRMC, only one employee may use the adoption assistance benefit.

To apply for this benefit, complete the Adoption Assistance Application and submit it to Human Resources-Benefits with the appropriate supporting documentation and receipts. If approved, you will be reimbursed in your paycheck up to $3000 minus FICA and Medicare deductions.