For Patients and Loved Ones

During this time, guidelines may have changed but NHRMC remains ready to serve our community. Whether you are a patient or loved one, we want you to feel comfortable coming to us for services you need and be able to support your loved ones.

If you are experiencing an emergency

Call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.

Even if your emergency is not related to COVID-19, extra safety precautions are in place to help limit any possible exposure while in the healthcare setting.

If you are a patient coming for treatment

We know COVID-19 may have changed how you would normally expect your medical visit to go. But your health is important to us, and we are here to make sure you receive the treatment and care you need.

  • Stay in touch with your primary care and specialty care teams. MyChart can be a great way to stay connected.
  • Be sure to ask questions or report any concerns as you normally would.
  • NHRMC Physician Group providers have added virtual visit options.
  • If you need to see your provider in person to receive care, enhanced safety procedures have been put in place.
  • For mental health resources, visit NHRMC’s Healthy Dose blog: Addressing Mental Health During a Global Pandemic.

If you are a loved one or caregiver

While mandatory visitor restrictions are in place at NHRMC facilities to limit visitors and help protect our community, we know that there are times when a patient may need extra support. All support persons must wear a mask which completely covers their mouth and nose at all times, except while eating in designated areas. Support persons are asked to supply their own masks. The following exceptions allow support persons who are free of symptoms for:

  • Patients under the age of 18 may have one parent/guardian/advocate
  • In limited situations and with approval of the ED team, patients in the ED may have 1 support person
  • NICU patients may have both parents present
  • Pediatric patients may have one parent/guardian/advocate
  • Women in our birthplace areas may have one support partner. Doulas will be allowed to accompany a laboring mother in addition to the designated birth partner (with approval from the OB Team)
  • Patients scheduled for a surgery or procedure may have one person accompany them to drop the patient off, and then be available to pick them up following treatment. This support person will not be able to wait in the hospital facility
  • Patients in need of a medical guardian or decision-maker
  • End-of-life circumstances
  • Patients with certain communication barriers, behavioral concerns, and disabilities due to altered mental status, intellectual or cognitive disability, dementia, Parkinson’s, etc. where a family member is essential to their care
  • For discharge education for patient when in-person bedside education is required

For questions, please call (910) 667-7000.

At NHRMC’s 17th Street campus, approved support people will only be admitted between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Personal Belongings for Hospitalized Patients

NHRMC is allowing the dropping off of some necessary and essential items to inpatients. Only the following items will be accepted and delivered to our patients:

  • Hearing Aid(s)
  • Dentures
  • Glasses/Contact Lenses
  • Cell phone (and charger)

Process for Dropping Off Items to Patients in the Main Hospital

  • Items being dropped off must be placed in a clear plastic zip-lock bag labled with the patient's name, delivery person's name and contact number
  • Accepted items in correctly labeled bag must be brought to the Main Entrance at the 17th Street campus
  • Any items not labeled correctly will not be accepted

For NHRMC Rehabilitation Hospital Patients

  • The person delivering necessary items is required to make an appointment to schedule drop off with staff (usually a case manager)
  • Patients are asked to have two (2) sets of clothing and shoes appropriate for participating in therapy
  • Clothes will be washed before being given to the patient