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I would like for you to have a copy of my resume.  Can I submit it without filling out the online application? 

In order for us to manage the large number of applicants we get and make sure we don't miss qualified candidates, we need for every candidate to fill out the online application.  If, after doing so, you would still like for us to have your resume on file, you can attach it to the online application form.  You may also bring your resume with you if you are selected for an interview.

What if I want to work at NHRMC but don't see an open position that interests me? 

You can complete a "candidate profile" and you will be entered into our database.  When a position meeting your qualifications is posted you will receive an e-mail notification telling you about it and requesting you to apply on line if you are still interested.

How will I know the status of my application?

When you complete the online information you will receive an automated response letting you know the application has been recorded.  One of our recruiters will contact you soon after your application has been reviewed, either by email or phone.  The recruiter will let you know whether we need more information or plan to schedule an interview. We try to respond to all applicants within two business days.

How can I find out the pay for a position?

Our salary rate is based on your experience and will be discussed by the recruiter handling the position. It would be unfair to give you a rate without seeing your experience, education and qualifications.  We have a salary philosophy to maintain internal equity so we do not hire someone from outside of the organization at a higher rate than an individual already working here with the same experience in the same job.  We believe our salaries are very competitive in our market area and our benefit package for full time employees can be as high as 33% of your salary.

How can I find the closing date for a position?

We work on filling positions continually and usually they are still open if they are posted on the list.  In some instances, however, we may be in the interview process but we will continue to receive applications until we make an offer.

How long do you keep an application on file?

Online applications are kept in our system for at least two years.

How can I get more information, talk to a recruiter in person?

Most of our information is on our web site but you can call our toll free numbers, Allied Health, 800-822-6470 or Nursing 877-781-2468 and our receptionist will connect you with a recruiter or their assistant.