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NHRMC Staff Make Hospital Stay During Florence Fun for 4-Year-Old

October 09, 2018
4-year-old Jacob was hospitalized for respiratory issues during Hurricane Florence and the staff...

NHRMC Nurse at Medical Shelter During Florence Makes Patient's Birthday Special

October 08, 2018
In the days after Hurricane Florence made landfall, Codington Elementary was set up as a medical...
Amy Ardell Florence Story

Staff Makes Sure Teen's Birthday Not Forgotten

October 04, 2018
NHRMC childcare staff make sure birthday girl, Jasmine, gets to celebrate her 13th birthday...
Dr Harris Cutting Trees

Chipping in to Help Fellow NHRMC Family

October 03, 2018
Janine DeVito's, whose family was hit hard by Hurricane Florence, gets a helping hand from Dr....

Patient Care Tech Goes Extra Mile to Ease Patients' Minds

October 03, 2018
Patient Care Technician goes out of her way to help patients settle into medical shelter.

Nurse Pays It Forward in NHRMC NICU During Florence

October 02, 2018
More than 20 years after nurses cared for her in the NICU during a storm, Lexi Brown cared for...
Med 1 Baby

Baby Delivered During Hurricane Florence at MED-1 by NHRMC's Dr. Flock

October 02, 2018
Yajaira Guerin went into labor in Pender County during Hurricane Florence, and the only place...
BHH Storm Blog

Behavioral Health Leaders Step Up to Challenge

September 26, 2018
Colin Bracey, Administrator or NHRMC Behavioral Health Services, extends her gratitude and...
Codington Clinical Team

Team at Codington Elementary Becomes Family While Caring for Community

September 26, 2018
Patients and NHRMC staff form lifetime bond while seeking shelter at Codington.
Amy Messier Storm Story

Team Comes Together Quickly to Provide Medical Respite

September 26, 2018
NHRMC meets a critical need to support patients who need shelter and medical support.
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