In the Center of the Storm

In the Storm Collage

By John H. Gizdic, president and CEO of New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Dr. Robert Cortina, chief of NHRMC Medical Staff

As the hurricane unleashed its fury, New Hanover Regional Medical Center staff worked tirelessly and passionately to help the entire community survive and endure. We want to honor them as hurricane heroes.


Hurricane Florence Stories

Hurricane Florence was a storm that changed our lives forever. For a week or more, many in our community faced difficult decisions and prepared for a disaster. 

Thousands at NHRMC stayed and worked around the clock to take excellent care of our most vulnerable - often separated from their own families. Others left the security of their homes for other areas not knowing when they would be allowed to return or what they would find when they did.

Florence also uncovered many stories of hope; acts of bravery, compassion and camaraderie; and unforgettable moments of a community coming together to care for one another. 

Meeting EMS

Man Meets NHRMC Paramedics Who Helped Save His Life Hours Before Hurricane Florence

April 26, 2019
Just hours before Hurricane Florence made landfall, Mimi Marquis found her husband unconscious in...
NICU Florence Care Package

When Hurricane Florence Hit, Other NICU Teams Embraced NHRMC and Our Patients

December 06, 2018
When Hurricane Florence hit coastal North Carolina in September, the team in the Neonatal...
Luz and Melissa

Nurses from Different Worlds Bond During Hurricane Florence

October 23, 2018
A cruise ship nurse accompanied her passenger to Wilmington in the aftermath of Hurricane...
ED group

In the Center of the Storm

October 16, 2018
- A reflection on Hurricane Florence by NHRMC President & CEO John Gizdic and Medical Chief...
codington shelter team

Employees and Patients Bond at NHRMC Medical Shelter

October 11, 2018
When Hurricane Florence left patients without a safe place to return home after the storm, New...

NHRMC Staff Make Hospital Stay During Florence Fun for 4-Year-Old

October 09, 2018
4-year-old Jacob was hospitalized for respiratory issues during Hurricane Florence and the staff...

NHRMC Nurse at Medical Shelter During Florence Makes Patient's Birthday Special

October 08, 2018
In the days after Hurricane Florence made landfall, Codington Elementary was set up as a medical...
Amy Ardell Florence Story

Staff Makes Sure Teen's Birthday Not Forgotten

October 04, 2018
NHRMC childcare staff make sure birthday girl, Jasmine, gets to celebrate her 13th birthday...
Dr Harris Cutting Trees

Chipping in to Help Fellow NHRMC Family

October 03, 2018
Janine DeVito's, whose family was hit hard by Hurricane Florence, gets a helping hand from Dr....

Patient Care Tech Goes Extra Mile to Ease Patients' Minds

October 03, 2018
Patient Care Technician goes out of her way to help patients settle into medical shelter.
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