Ways To Connect With Loved Ones During the Holidays Without Gathering in Person

November 22, 2020

This holiday season, it’s safer to celebrate with family and friends virtually to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Here are some ways to connect with loved ones this holiday season without gathering in person:

Ideas for Kids

  • Record video messages from kids to relatives to say thank you for gifts or with fun holiday messages.
  • Mail holiday-themed artwork created by kids to relatives you won’t get to see this year. As a bonus, arrange a video call with kids when the package arrives to open it virtually together.
  • Have loved ones call or video chat children to read them bedtime or holiday stories on special occasions.
  • Have kids share new skills they’ve learned like playing the piano, tying their shoes, or whistling over video calls with loved ones.
  • Order supplies online or for curbside pickup and make a craft virtually together over video chat.

New Ways to Enjoy Old Traditions

  • Cook traditional recipes together with loved ones over video chat.
  • Video chat with small groups of family before or after meals or while doing other traditional holiday activities.
  • Watch holiday movies on Netflix using the Netflix Party tool to sync up the experience.
  • Participate in the same virtual religious services.
  • Mail traditional baked goods to loved ones you cannot visit this year.
  • Make resolutions together and share virtual tips and progress updates.
  • Taste test a new seasonal food product together virtually.
  • Brighten the holidays for neighbors by preparing holiday goodies and delivering them with no contact.

Support Others

  • Choose a charity in honor of a beloved family member and raise money as a family.
  • Participate in the same virtual charity walks as loved ones.
  • Have a family member choose a family or individual from a program like Adopt an Angel for the entire family to support together. Raise money for one person to shop or place onlines orders and have them all sent to one person’s house.

Fun Anytime

  • Connect with friends and family to play virtual games like trivia.
  • Listen to the same podcast or audiobook. If you’re struggling to find time to read the same book, choose an audiobook or podcast to listen to.
  • Try a new virtual exercise class together.
  • Orchestrate a wine tasting, chocolate tasting, or recipe taste test through video chat with friends or family.
  • Start a family book club. If you want to read a book with a loved one but no one in your circle reads much, suggest they listen to the audiobook while you read the paper copy.
  • Take some time to take a walk and chat on the phone with a family member. It’s a great way to de-stress and could become a weekly ritual.
  • If someone in the family has a special talent, have them share or even teach the family that skill over video chat.
  • Send care packages or fun surprises to friends and family you can’t meet with in person.

Get creative this year by sharing special moments with loved ones virtually. Who knows, you might even start a new tradition!

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