VIDEO: Get a Look Inside NHRMC's AirLink/VitaLink Critical Care Transport Vehicle

November 01, 2019

At New Hanover Regional Medical Center, we have dozens of custom designed emergency medical care and transport vehicles.  One of our amazing transport vehicles is the AirLink/Vitalink Critical Care Transport Unit custom designed just for our VitaLink team and the patients they serve.

NHRMC's AirLink/VitaLink Critical Care Transport Vehicle is 22 feet long and 11 feet tall and has a maximum speed of 80 mph. There are 18 critical care transport ambulances including a dedicated bariatric transport unit designed to maximize patient safety and comfort.. The AirLink/VitaLink trucks serve an 11 county area, and the farthest they have ever transported a patient was to New Jersey.

Here are just some of the supplies that are on board: 

  • Cardiac Monitors with 12-lead ECG capabilities
  • More than 100 different medications
  • Doppler ultrasound devices
  • Patient Ventilators 
  • Video laryngoscopes
  • Bedside EPOC-a point of care lab system
  • Needle Crichotomy Kits 
  • Needle thoracotomy
  • Transvenous Pacemakers 
  • Transcutaneous pacemakers
  • SWAN-Ganz Catheter monitoring equipment 
  • Arterial lines 
  • ICP Drain Monitoring Equipment 
  • Escharotomy kits

You may be wondering what the difference is between the Critical Care Transport and an EMS Ambulance.  The difference is that AirLink/VitaLink vehicles will transport you from hospital to hospital, home to hospital, and other such routes.  An EMS ambulance will transport you if 911 is called.

The main concern of the AirLink/VitaLink is getting you to your destination safely.  If you need to request a patient transport, click here.

Watch the AirLink/VitaLink Critical Care Transport Vehicle video here: 

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