Pet Therapy Dog Profile: Jack

October 08, 2019
Jack Pet Therapy Dog

Name: Jack

Jack is a golden retriever who loves to spend his time working at NHRMC and playing on the beach!About:

Birthday: 4/23/14

Favorite Treats: All the Treats!

Tricks: Sit, Stay, Down, Shake

Favorite Activities: Going to Beach, Swimming, Digging, Chasing His Ball, Hiking in the Woods

How Long They’ve Been a Therapy Pet: 1 1/2 Years 

Favorite Area of the Hospital to Visit: Rehabilitation Hospital

Favorite Toy: Squeaky Lobster

Watch Jack's Video: 

Categories: NHRMC People
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We have a Corgi puppy and would like information on how she can enter your therapy dog program. please contact me at the number below.
Thank you,
Harry Birch
I would like more information on getting my dog into a therapy program. Could you email me more information? Thank you!

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