Pet Therapy Dog Profile: Dyna

August 22, 2019

Name: Dyna

 Dyna is an English Cocker Spaniel who spent most of her days as a competitive field dog.About:

Birthday: 2010

Favorite Treats: All of the treats!

Tricks: Sit, Stay

Favorite Activities: Playing in the field and playing fetch

How Long They’ve Been a Therapy Pet: 1 1/2 Years 

Favorite Area of the Hospital to Visit: Pediatrics 

Favorite Toy: Tennis balls and chew toys

Watch Dyna's video:

Categories: NHRMC People
SUPER CUTE PUPPY! My son was visited by a number of the therapy dogs while in the hospital a few years ago, what a difference they made in his stay. He would go from somber and withdrawn (secondary to his illness), and when a therapy dog showed up in his room he turned that frown upside down! I also know they can bring a smile to the faces of the staff as well, what a good thing to have available for the patients.
You can just see that sweet Dyna will be putting smiles on so many faces!

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