Pet Therapy Dog Profile: Bogey

August 07, 2019

Name: Bogey

Nicknames: Bo

Birthday: 6/19/2014

Favorite Treats: Chewy Treats

Tricks: Sit, Stay, Hugs, High Five, Give Paw

Favorite Activities: Catch Frisbee, Swim, Digging at the Beach, and Snuggles

How Long They’ve Been a Therapy Pet: 3 1/2 Years 

Favorite Area of the Hospital to Visit: All Over

Favorite Toy: Special Ball

Categories: NHRMC People
What a cute boy!
What a cutie! Its so nice to have a dog visit patients and employees. Seeing a dog like Bogey puts a smile on anyones face.
Nice dog. Thanks for visiting
So cute!! Everyone must love him.
It's amazing how much comfort a dog can bring!

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