VIDEO: Get a Look Inside NHRMC's EMS Vehicles

August 21, 2019
Inside an EMS vehicle

NHRMC's EMS vehicles are 20 feet long and 10 feet tall. We have 16 front-line ambulances and 6 reserves. Inside each vehicle are two medics and a third medic who is a paramedic student or a newly hired medic who is in training.

Here are just some of the supplies that are on board: 

  • Cardiac monitor
  • IV pump
  • Glidescope for intubation
  • Battery operated stretcher
  • Mobile Data Terminal which is a computer with GPS and 911 information
  • iPad for patient charting
  • Medications
  • Interosseous IV Gun for IV access via bone marrow
  • Oxygen
  • CPAP 
  • Stair chair which is a type of stretcher that can be used on stairs

Watch the EMS vehicle video here: 

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