Pet Therapy Dog Profile: Roentgen

July 17, 2019
Renk the pet therapy dog

Name: Frech Roentgen Aus Rheinland, CGC, THDA TKI

About: Roentgen, pronounced Renken, was named after Conrad Wilhelm Roentgen, discoverer of X-rays who won the first Nobel Laureate in Physics. His proudest accomplishment is becoming a pet therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International Chapter #301.  

Nicknames: Renk, Ribeye 

Birthday: 12/4/14

Favorite Treats: Homemade Chicken Treats

Tricks: Sit, Stay, Lie Down, High Five, Open the Back Door 

Favorite Activities: Geese police! 

How Long They’ve Been a Therapy Pet: 2 1/2 Years 

Favorite Area of the Hospital to Visit: Pediatrics 

Favorite Toy: Tennis Balls 

Watch a video where Roentgen meets some adorable kiddos and shows off some of his tricks:


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Thanks guys...we appreciate all you do!
Love-love-love Ribeye Renk
I love the pet therapy dogs!
Renk is just an awesome "puppy" !
I went to Zimmerman building for chemo treatment. The whole staff and doctors. Was amazing but the best part of all is when they bought the therapy dogs in and they would just let you love and pet them. Made my day even though I was hooked up to a machine. Thank you all !
I love GS dogs. A high five for these precious dogs for services to the children.You would
be surprised how the love of animals can calm a child that is scared of hospitals. Thank you for your services.'re the best. And may I say handsome too!!
Renk, you are the best!

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