NHRMC Makes it Easier to Schedule Mammograms, Offers Technology Advances

February 25, 2019
Mammogram for CL photo

New Hanover Regional Medical Center has introduced several enhanced care options for women receiving mammograms and breast-conserving surgery to remove a tumor.

Women at least 40 years old and due for an annual screening mammogram can schedule the test through NHRMC’s MyChart without a physician order. Those screening mammograms can be scheduled at any of NHRMC Health & Diagnostics’ five locations.

“We have made it easier for women to get their screening mammograms by taking out the need for a physician’s order and adding the convenience of scheduling it themselves,” said Linda Marryat, coordinator of mammography at NHRMC. “Patients can now choose a convenient date and time, including Saturdays, for their appointment through their MyChart patient portal” 

Those interested in scheduling a screening mammogram will need to provide the name of their current primary care or OB/GYN provider and the date of their last screening mammogram.

Meanwhile, thanks to updated software, women receiving mammograms at NHRMC’s Health and Diagnostics sites can now receive both 3D and 2D imaging together on a single scan. This reduces discomfort and prevents exposure to additional radiation from a second scan.

3D imaging can detect more invasive cancers and returns fewer false positive results. But because 2D imaging has been done in the past, new 2D scans are still performed because the radiologist will compare them to past 2D scans.

In some cases, a breast biopsy determines that cancer has been found and surgery is required to remove the cancerous tissue.

In the past, a wire would be inserted into the breast the day of the surgery to guide the surgeon to the correct location.

At NHRMC, doctors can now implant a temporary marker called a Magseed in the breast. This marker, which is about the size of a grain of rice, is inserted with a small needle up to 20 days before surgery.

The availability of the Magseed means women can avoid some discomfort and shorten the amount of time they need to be in the hospital the day of surgery.

If you are due for an annual screening mammogram, you can schedule an appointment at any NHRMC Health & Diagnostics location via NHRMC’s MyChart or by calling 910.667.8777. NHRMC will send your results to your primary care or OB/GYN physician.

Please consider providing ABUS imaging to women with dense breasts. This was suggested to me by Wexner Medical Center, OSU. However, we now live in Leland and I cannot find any options nearby.
I recently moved to Wilmington and am due for an annual screening mammogram. I have.not.been successful in getting my previous primary care provider with Atrium to reach a radiologist here. I would like to schedule this asap. 704-699-7801. I am 67 years old and my annual mammogram was due in mid-January.

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