How to Start Training for a Marathon or Half Marathon

December 20, 2018

Josh Spencer, MD with Cape Fear Heart Associates-NHRMC Physician Group will be running the NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon and has some tips for runners who want to tackle the Marathon or Half Marathon.

Dr. Spencer says that, since the race is in early March, now is a great time to start training. For beginners who may run but haven’t done a race before, the half marathon is a good place to start.

He says, as you begin to train, to start with low-impact exercises such as biking or cross-training workouts. He recommends to start running small distances and work your way up to the full distance you will be going. 

Dr. Spencer also notes that while training, it is very important to eat well and stay hydrated, even on days when you are not running long distances.

Importantly, Dr. Spencer says that those who have had cardiac issues or are unsure if they are physically fit enough to run long distances, should talk to their doctor and possibly get a treadmill stress test done.

Click here to learn more about the NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon and Half Marathon.

Getting Ready: Wrightsville Beach Marathon from NHRMC Capslive Videos on Vimeo.

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