Patient Care Tech Goes Extra Mile to Ease Patients' Minds

October 03, 2018

During the hurricane, a temporary unit was set up to provide special care for patients who required home oxygen/oxygen concentrators. When those patients were able to be safely discharged from the hospital, some needed to be transferred to the shelter at Hoggard High School.

One particular patient care tech named Lisa accompanied the Respiratory Therapists as they transported chronic oxygen users to the shelter. This was challenging because each patient needed to be individually moved to the front of the hospital and loaded onto a transport vehicle along with their personal supplies and bulky oxygen equipment. Lisa was very attentive to each of the patients and her attitude was contagious.

The truly touching part was that once the patients were finally settled in the shelter and it was time for the staff to return to NHRMC, Lisa visited each of them to reassure them that they were in good hands and then gave each one a big hug.

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