Vittorio's NICU Journey

August 21, 2018

At just 25 weeks old, Vittorio was born. In addition to all the struggles many premature babies face, he was diagnosed with arthrogryposis multiplex congenital, or AMC, which is a disease that causes weakness of the joints. Vittorio has it in his arms, hands, and feet. He had clubbed feet and a genetic disorder so rare that the geneticist will continue to follow him throughout his life.

He spent 3 months in the NICU at New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Vittorio’s mom told his story during one of our Caring for Kids Radiothons. The 10th Annual Radiothon will take place on August 22nd and 23rd and the funds raised will help children just like Vittorio who are treated at NHRMC's Betty H. Cameron Women's and Children's Hospital.  

If you would like to give before the Radiothon you can visit: 10th Annual NHRMC Caring for Kids Radiothon

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