Surgical Caps Sewn by Staff Bring Smiles to Pediatric Surgery Patients

July 18, 2018
Surgical Caps

All pediatric surgery patients at the NHRMC Surgical Pavilion now receive a custom pediatric surgical cap thanks to three New Hanover Regional Medical Center employees. Surgical caps are worn by both patients and surgical staff as part of operating room protocol. Janene Becker, Wanda Bass, and Vanessa Van Gilder have organized “Sewing Sundays” at their homes, in which volunteers from their team come and help make surgical caps for pediatric patients.

Last fall, Janene was inspired by a similar project she saw online that started in a hospital in Pennsylvania. The group was soliciting seamstresses to donate fabric, time and supplies to help make surgical caps for their pediatric patients. Janene immediately brought this idea to her co-worker, Wanda, and the manager of the Nunnelee Pediatric Specialty Clinics, Vanessa, in hopes that a project like this could start at NHRMC.

Surgical Caps 3

Since then, “Sewing Sundays” have produced 300 pediatric surgical caps. Physicians and surgeons review the caps to ensure they meet quality restrictions and guidelines. Children who come to NHRMC’s Pediatric Surgical Unit for surgery will get to pick out their custom cap.

“As part of a child’s care team, it is our job to make them feel as comfortable as we can at NHRMC. The skull caps are something that the children are able to keep with them throughout their surgery and take home with them after their stay at NHRMC. ” said Janene.

Surgical Caps 2

The “Sewing Sundays” group, currently comprised of nurses, doctors, administrative staff, and volunteers is seeking additional support to ensure this project becomes a long-term staple at the hospital.

Surgical Caps 5

“You do not need to know how to sew to join this group. There are jobs for everyone,” said Wanda. “It is inspiring to see our hobby put a smile on children’s faces.”

Surgical Caps 4

If you are interested in participating in “Sewing Sundays” or donating fabric and materials please contact Janene Becker at [email protected].

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Fantastic! What a wonderful way to be even more hospitable to the children who come to us needing surgery. Thank you!
I love this idea and will like to be part this. Please call me, Tex me or send me an email.
What an awesome idea. Please contact me so I can figure out how I can help!😊
I would like to help iron your surgical caps. I work at the Autumn Hall office, but will be returning to work very soon. I have a friend who also wants to help. May we come pick some up Monday or at your convenience.
I want to help. I am a lifetime seamstress who only makes doll clothes now. I have seen this on FB but didn’t realize this is also done here. I currently volunteee at NHRMC every Wednesday in Labor and Delivery. If you gave me the instructions, I could make mine at home with my own stash of fabric. ( Am a retired English teacher and have volunteered at the hospital since summer of ‘03 when I retired.)
I'm interested in making some. Can you send me the information on making these. Size of circle cut, material used, etc.. thank you!!!
I would very much like to make these on my own at home with my own fabric if you could supply the guidelines to do so. Thank you!!
What are the dates you meet to make these caps?
LOVE it! I'm in the NHRMC pharmacy dept weekend nights so I can't join your great Sewing Sundays, much as I would like to. I could make some at home or donate fabric. How much fabric is needed? I assume cotton broadcloth but are other fabrics? I have a LOT of fabric, most of which would fill the bill nicely. Please let me know how I could best help. Call me anytime except Fri. to Mon. (working/sleeping) 910-612-1639.

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