Fierce Granny Overcomes Fitness Barriers

August 01, 2016

NHRMC continues to make employee health and wellness a top priority through the NHRMC Employee Fitness Center. Employees of all age groups are discovering it is never too late to become the healthiest version of themselves.

At the EFC, we beam with pride when one of our members accomplishes a feat they would not have considered before they first stepped into the gym. As they progress, their confidence grows, and they realize they are capable of more than they ever imagined.  

Glenda's Story

A wife, grandmother, and NHRMC Information Services Analyst, Glenda Howard never viewed herself as physically fit. That is, until the Employee Fitness Center helped transform her into one of the fiercest grandmothers alive.

Despite having pain and inflamed joints, 54-year-old Glenda is determined to keep moving forward in her journey to health.

Glenda once weighed more than 200 pounds and was initially overwhelmed by the vast array of equipment at the fitness center. But she took it upon herself to meet with Justin Harris, one of NHRMC’s dedicated certified personal trainers.

Justin organized a simple workout plan for Glenda that included cardio, resistance bands, and weights. As Glenda began to see a change in her body, she also saw a difference in her perspective on life. 

As a result of the training Glenda endured at the Employee Fitness Center, she gained the strength and confidence to try hobbies and activities that she had never considered before. She has participated in boxing, flag football and yoga, and she even competes as a rower on an eight-woman team within the Cape Fear River Rowing Club.

“After participating in a rowing class at the rowing club, the competitive coach asked me if I would like to participate in some races,” Glenda said. “I immediately went running back to tell Justin that I had to get strong enough to race.”

Glenda’s determination to gain enough strength to become a competitive rower quickly landed her in the stroke seat, setting the pace of the boat for the entire team. With her husband cheering from the riverbanks, Glenda recently competed in her first sprint regatta where she and her seven teammates raced down the James River near Richmond, VA.

Glenda Howard rowsGlenda finds both humor and flattery in the nicknames she has been given to describe her spunk and strong will as a competitive rowing grandmother. At this point, she plans to continue moving forward in her new, adventure-filled life, but according to Glenda, looking back can actually be motivational.

“When you row, you propel the boat forward while sitting backward. Some might say looking back is a bad thing, but I look back at a little resistance band, some smelly boxing gloves, a weight loss challenge, yoga classes, and my little stack of written workout plans from Justin, and I know the only way to go is forward.”

How You Can Become Fierce

The NHRMC Employee Fitness Center is open to employees and dependents. As the community healthcare leader, NHRMC encourages all community members to seek opportunities to live healthier lives. Exercising, eating healthy foods, and not smoking are important steps toward achieving that goal.

If you are ready to improve your health, one of our primary care physicians will be happy to help you come up with a plan to live a healthier, more productive life.


The following NHRMC Physician Group Primary Care Practices are welcoming new patients:

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Pender Primary Care

Wrightsville Beach Family Medicine

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