Giving Story: Monteith Family Donates Funds for Epilepsy Unit

March 10, 2016

John and Amie Monteith are building a legacy that goes far beyond brick and mortar.

The Monteith name is easily spotted along the bustling corridors of the NHRMC Zimmer Cancer Center where Monteith Construction Corp. heads up renovations and expansions.

But in a quiet hallway of the NHRMC Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the Monteith name will forever grace the walls in a way that is very dear to the hearts of this family.

It’s here that John, Amie and their son Ryan spent many hours in the care of the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit team to assess Ryan’s epilepsy. The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU), which opened in 2014, was named in honor of Ryan after the Monteiths generously donated $75,000 to the NHRMC Foundation in support of the program.

The EMU, led by a multidisciplinary team that includes a pediatric neurologist, EEG technologists, a pediatric hospitalist physician, nurses and other specialists, allows a parent or loved one to stay in the unit for up to 48 hours while their child’s brain activity is assessed to evaluate, diagnose and treat seizures.

“It is exciting for families to have an overnight monitoring unit right here in Wilmington so they don’t have to travel for care,” John said. “It makes a huge difference for families with children facing neurological challenges to have the expertise of Dr. Sasidharan Taravath in our city.”

Sasidharan Taravath, MD, pediatric neurologist with Coastal Children’s Services, and Kerry Lamb, director of respiratory care and neurodiagnostics lab, lead the EMU team that sees an average of 12 children each month.

“The Monteiths have so graciously given back to the EMU team, and we are genuinely honored,” Dr. Taravath said. “Their philanthropy is a testament to our team’s dedication and commitment to our patients and their families.”

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