Rugena Devone

In 2007, Rugena Devone -who works at Zimmer Cancer Center - found her role changing from caregiver to patient when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Devone said it was the love of friends and family, and the power of prayer that helped in her recovery. 

"I’m still here and beautiful as ever," she said.

"I see my oncologist every three months, and there’s no evidence of the breast cancer recurring. I worked much of the time during my chemotherapy and radiation, except for when I didn’t feel well, and those days were few. It took about six months for me to get my full energy back. Today I feel great!"

Rugena Devone PT PageDevone said she has had to make some adjustments, but emphasizes the positive part of that process.

"Since my breast cancer diagnosis, I have overcome many hurdles, learning new things along the way. I learned about family, friends and faith. I’ve learned how to accept a new body and new state of mind, and how to move forward."

Devone said she found ways to cope with her diagnosis and treatment.

"During my treatment I found prayer especially helpful," she said. 

"I put it all in God’s hands, something I recommend to anyone facing breast cancer. Prayer can be done anywhere anytime, and helps the healing process."

These days, she says she has a simple plan.

"My goals are to stay healthy, keep my priorities simple, enjoy life, never judge and give thanks to God for all things."