Two Maddies With a Lot in Common: Soccer, Sleepovers, and Type 1 Diabetes

While both Maddie Dowell and Maddie Picken live with type 1 diabetes, it doesn’t stop them from living full, healthy lives. In fact, it doesn’t even slow them down.

Both are patients at the pediatric endocrinology clinic, one of many offered through the Nunnelee Pediatric Specialty Clinics at NHRMC’s Betty H. Cameron Women’s & Children’s Hospital, the region’s premier facility dedicated entirely to advanced care for women and children.

These specialty clinics allow children with chronic medical conditions to receive highly advanced care in their home community. In addition to diabetes, conditions managed through the clinics include growth disorders, asthma and digestive issues, as well as ongoing care for children born premature or with complications.

Additionally, the hospital houses separate pediatric and women’s inpatient units, each with all-private rooms and highly specialized staffs.

For families like the Dowells and Pickens, having immediate access to such advanced care lets them rest easy—between all their activities, that is.