At the End of a Half-Marathon, Runner Winds Up in the Race of His Life

Race of His Life

Just short of the finish line, James Glasgow collapses.


Young, healthy and fit, James Glasgow didn’t forsee any trouble running 13.1 miles. But just a short distance from the finish line, he collapsed. It wasn’t the stress of the race that brought him down. It was sudden cardiac arrest. The electrical impulses to his heart became erratic, stopping the heart from functioning properly.

The American Heart Association says that a victim’s chances of surviving cardiac arrest are reduced by 7 to 10 percent for every minute that goes by without CPR and defibrillation.

Fortunately, when Glasgow collapsed he was just feet away from an NHRMC nurse who began chest compressions while a bystander called 911. NHRMC paramedics arrived quickly and restored James Glasgow PT PageGlasgow’s pulse and blood flow to his brain by using a highlysynchronized system know as the Pit Crew Organized Cardiac Arrest System of Care.

At the NHRMC Heart Center, Glasgow received an implantable cardiac defibrillator to keep his heart beating regularly and prevent another cardiac arrest.

With no lingering effects of the cardiac arrest, Glasgow says he knows how fortunate he was: “I wouldn’t be here without those guys and I am still at a loss as how to thank them.“