Resources for Our Patients, Families and Visitors

Our goal is to provide a remarkable experience to all of our patients, families and visitors. We recognize that each person has a unique cultural and personal background, and we work to be inclusive of everyone’s needs and perspectives.


Being able to understand and communicate with your healthcare team is an important part of taking care of your health.

We offer free on-demand telephonic and video interpretation medical interpretation services 24 hours a day, seven days a week for many languages as well as telecommunications devices for our deaf or hard-of-hearing patients.

Additionally, our on-site nationally certified healthcare Spanish interpreters are available seven days a week to assist our Spanish-speaking patients and families.

Navigating the Healthcare System

For patients with limited English proficiency, NHRMC has installed universal signage throughout the main campus. Using colorful and easily recognizable symbols for commonly accessed settings allows patients and visitors from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds to easily find their way around for an improved experience.

NHRMC also has an app, available in both English and Spanish, that helps to make accessing healthcare services even easier. The app helps you navigate inside the facility; get driving directions to any NHRMC facility; and explore health and wellness resources. 

Inclusive Spiritual Care

Because hospitalization or serious illness can often be an emotionally trying time for families, our Spiritual Care Department offers spiritual and emotional support during these times. 

Our Spiritual Care Department respects all traditions, faiths and beliefs of our patients and families and our chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Data Collection to Improve Patient Care

Our organization is taking several steps to accurately collect information about race, ethnicity, language preference, sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. This information is being collected to allow us to help identify disparities in health care so that we can work to make sure that all patients are receiving equal access to quality care.

Functionality in NHRMC MyChart - our electronic patient portal - allows our patients to enter in self-identification data about sexual orientation, gender identity and preferred name.  

Creating Resources for Our LGBTQIA Patient and Families

We are building a specialized team dedicated to responding to the needs of our LGBTQIA patients and their loved ones. This Ally Team is available to meet with patients and families to discuss concerns or needs during their stay at NHRMC to help ensure a more comfortable stay. 

In addition, our Tell Us More brochure offers advice on talking to your healthcare team about being part of the LGBTQ community.

Patient and Family Advisory Councils

NHRMC is building a volunteer network of community advisors to partner with us to help advocate for our patients and families. We encourage community members from diverse backgrounds to join the team to help provide a voice for those we serve.

Patient Advocate Liaisons (PAL)

Our Patient Advocate Liaisons are available to address any concerns from our patients and their loved ones. They are specially trained to help assist with sensitive issues and act to collaborate on solutions with all involved.

Bloodless Medicine

For patients with personal or religious reasons for choosing not to receive blood transfusions, NHRMC has a Bloodless Medicine Program for surgery.

We respect your right to make informed healthcare decisions based on what is right for you and allow you to make your preferences known prior to hospitalization for surgery and to choose not to receive whole blood or blood products as part of your medical care.

Charity Care

Because of our not-for-profit mission, NHRMC's essential medical programs treat everyone, regardless of the person's ability to pay. We will provide financial assistance for patients who receive medically necessary services and meet eligibility guidelines.