NHRMC Leaders and Physicians Support Stay at Home Order and County Restrictions

March 28, 2020
In this unprecedented time, it’s important for the community to come together to protect those most at risk from the rapid spread of COVID-19. The steps taken on the local, state and national level to restrict activities and gatherings are difficult, but critical. 

It’s only through strict social distancing that we can minimize the risk to our most vulnerable citizens and slow the spread of the virus to a pace that can be safely managed by those you entrust with your healthcare.   

While the medical community has been preparing for an increase in cases with additional supplies and new procedures, those on the front lines of care need the community’s support. The faster the virus spreads through the community, the more likely our caregivers will be exposed, further straining our ability to meet the increased need for medical care during this pandemic. 

We urge everyone to take these restrictions seriously. Only go out when needed and limit your exposure to others. Take all precautions and together we will get through this sooner, and healthier. 


John H. Gizdic 
President and CEO 
New Hanover Regional Medical Center 

Mary Rudyk, MD 
Medical Staff President 
New Hanover Regional Medical Center 

Heather Davis, DO
Medical Staff President 
Pender Memorial Hospital 

Paul Kamitsuka, MD 
Chief Epidemiologist 
New Hanover Regional Medical Center 

Philip Brown, MD 
Chief Physician Executive 
New Hanover Regional Medical Center 

West Paul, MD 
Chief Clinical Officer 
New Hanover Regional Medical Center 

Joseph Pino, MD 
Executive Director SEAHEC 
VP Graduate Medical Education 
New Hanover Regional Medical Center