Just in Time Fit Testing Ensures Safety, Conserves PPE

April 07, 2020

For the continued safety of our employees, NHRMC has made some procedural changes to N-95 fit testing. Fit testing is no longer required in advance. The change to “just in time” fit testing will ensure that the right employees are protected when they are involved in a case that requires an N-95 mask.

This change improves safety and efficiency by eliminating the need to leave your station for testing. It also ensures that everyone involved in the case is fit-tested.

In addition, this eliminates testing for employees who may never need to wear an N-95 mask. NHRMC has released information that outlines specifically when you should wear PPE and which type of PPE you should don.  

In general, fit testing will be done for those employees or providers who are currently caring for a COVID patient or PUI who is undergoing aerosolized procedures. You can find details about who needs the N-95 mask and a description of aerosolized procedures here.

NHRMC has a sufficient supply of N-95 masks at this time, and adhering to these guidelines will keep you safe and will ensure that we have an adequate supply for the future.

If you need to be fit tested for an N95 because you are providing care to a patient with aerosolized procedures on your current shift, please call 667-6444.