HR Updates: FTE Changes, Bonus Shifts, Good Friday

April 06, 2020

Internal Transfers, FTE Changes and Re-Organizations

  • Internal transfers may take place as one-off decisions between the leaders impacted.
  • HR Compensation has requested that major re-organizations and FTE changes be held until we are out of Covid-19 response and back to normal operations.

Bonus Shifts/ Contracts Clarification

  • All pending bonuses have been cancelled by CNRO. Leaders may address on a one-off basis with their VP for approval. 
  • All scheduled bonuses are being looked at on a shift to shift basis.
  • If an employee is called off a bonus shift by their leader, they can utilize PDO. If employee calls out on a bonus shift, they cannot utilize PDO.
  • If an employee is called off a bonus shift, but is called back in, they will not lose their bonus.
  • If an employee doesn’t work their FTE due to being called off, this will not affect their bonuses or contract. 

Observance of Good Friday

NHRMC typically observes Good Friday as PDO for staff. Our priority, of course, is to take care of our patients and community during this pandemic.

With that in mind, all staff working remotely or in non-patient roles should take PDO on Friday, April 10 unless otherwise instructed by your supervisor. If you are non-clinical and are unable to take PDO on Friday, please schedule an alternate day for PDO during this pay period or the next.