Cloth Facemasks Approved for Non-Clinical Staff; Community Eager to Help

April 07, 2020
homemade surgical masks600w

NHRMC is now permitting certain staff to wear their own cloth facemasks, including ones brought from home. In addition, NHRMC will be accepting cloth mask donations from a public who is eager to help us as we lead our region to a healthier future.

NHRMC is releasing specific instructions for those who want to help. All masks will be inspected before use to ensure they meet the specifications for protection.

NHRMC has a sufficient amount of PPE at this time, so these contributed masks will supplement our current supplies.

These masks will not be used in clinical situations, where employees have direct contact with patients. Instead, these masks will help staff not directly involved in patient care adhere to the CDC’s guideline for wearing a mask when social distancing cannot be guaranteed.

Dr. Philip Brown, Chief Physician Executive, recently did an interview, where he encouraged anyone in the community to wear masks if they could not control the situation to guarantee appropriate distancing – such as a trip to the grocery store. The masks, he said, are a safety precaution to supplement physical distancing and frequent handwashing.

To help guide those wanting to produce cloth masks for donation, a step-by-step instruction sheet has been produced including an adult and pediatric version. These templates were created in coordination with infectious disease physicians and nurses, meeting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. These masks will be used after all existing facemask options are exhausted. All masks being donated will be inspected by our clinical staff to ensure they meet the needed specifications.

Learn more about donation opportunities here:

Donations Accepted

NHRMC Business Center

3151 S. 17th Street, Wilmington

Monday, April 6 – Thursday, April 9: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.