HERO Highlights: NHRMC Employees Recognize Fellow Teammates' Efforts

March 25, 2020
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Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health is ever more present as we celebrate each other’s efforts in providing outstanding care through teamwork, positivity and compassion for our patients. Today more than ever, we should rely on one another and the amazing work we are doing as an organization.

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – Halford E. Luccock

Below are examples of how our “symphony” is working outside of their normal duties, keeping colleagues safe and going above and beyond.

Kristi Baker mentioned Batman Higgins, Ashlee Brown,Peggy Bradshaw, Carrie Houston

"Thanks to all of you for pitching in and covering the COVID check-in station when Volunteer Services didn't have enough people to do it. Your willingness to help with something outside your normal duties demonstrates teamwork at the highest level. Thank you."

Bobbie-Jean Schambers mentioned Lex Vargas

"I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate you and what you do everyday! Thank you for taking such good care of the patients. The entire ultrasound department appreciates your positive attitude and dedication to the organization."

Brandi Faircloth mentioned Kimmie Moore

"Thank you for being so amazing and brilliant and lovely and kind and thoughtful and considerate and wonderful and smiley and generous and warm and a bunch of other things but I am running out of space...Thank you for being you!"

Leann Stoddard mentioned Kim Sink

"These are uncertain times and your leadership provides confidence and direction for the team. Your communications are so helpful. Thank you for being there for us!"

Amanda Stephenson mentioned Paul Andrews

"Thanks for looking out for me down on C this week and last week! You bring such a pleasant, calm, and helpful presence into BHH."

Savonne Berrios mentioned Donna Baxter

"Many thanks to you Donna for always being willing to jump in a help whenever and wherever needed! #sograteful"

Brooke Johnson mentioned Kevin Carmody, Erin Brown, Ashley Edney

"Thanks for volunteering to screen patients at the front!"

Angela Livingood mentioned Annie Pound

"Thank you for taking the lead on organizing and scheduling the PMH Screening Table. You have done a fabulous job and it is appreciated. Once again you demonstrate how essential you are to PMH's success!"

Caroline Gueiss mentioned Veronica Williams

"Thank you for making sure we always have wipes and Lysol and hand sanitizer since the outbreak of the Covid19. You have checked on us daily, sprayed our desk down after we have left for the day and walked around wiping anything you can, to ensure we are being as proactive as we can be during this time. You are a great co-worker and I appreciate all you have done to keep us safe. You are always going above and beyond the call of duty and I enjoy working with you so much. Thanks again for taking our health and safety on yourself and making us all a TOP Priority."

Monica Little mentioned Tammy Milliken, Anita Nixon, Cedric Tindall, Tony Phillips, Rob Daughtry,Teresa Spivey

"Thank you for your willingness to step up and volunteer to serve the organization and our patients when we asked for your assistance! The screening process we are implementing at our entrances is crucial in our efforts to protect our patients, families and employees. You are amazing!" 

Brandon Hill mentioned Jenny Walters

"Thank you for jumping right in to develop the SWAT team and work around the clock for several days. You continue to pull together the “boots on the ground” focus. Command Center wouldn’t have been successful without this focus! Thanks for all you do."

Angela Livingood mentioned Shirley Jacobs, Donna Richardson, Jim Moody, Harry Cowart, Regina Cuddeback, Jennifer Jennings, Cathy Mattingly, Brooke Rillo, Kim Coe

"Thanks to all of you for your continued flexibility and willingness to help during our COVID-19 preparations. Each of you have been open to rapidly changing processes and directions. You have taken on extra duties and given up work space demonstrating your commitment to outstanding patient care. I am proud to be part of your team."

Allie Hannon mentioned Shawnta Howard

"Thank you for ALWAYS, ALWAYS taking our patients' temps. … I know if I'm working with you that you will have rounded on the entire unit before I even write my name on my patient's white board.You are also so proactive with regard to turning our patients! YOU take ownership for protecting our patients' skin and protecting them from pressure injuries.I know it's going to be a good day when I walk in and see your face!"

Jessica Williams mentioned Cori Dixon

"Thank you for your help today with the remote access for an employee on my team. Instead of saying you didn't know or to call the helpdesk, you dug in and reached out to others so that we could find the right protocols. Because of that, the employee was set up today. You are a valuable team player, thank you Cori!"

Niki Riddle mentioned David Joinville

"Amazing job on the floors throughout the hospital! I had TWO patients say how great and shiny they looked your second night working on them !!!!!"

Angela Livingood mentioned Christy Spivey, Ralph Sierra, Josh Price, Randall Heath, Ashley Helfer, Doug Monroe, Kirk Wiedmeier

"Thanks to all of you for providing Command Center support during this HIDR event. Your time and efforts are truly appreciated."

Nancy Leli mentioned Gretta Clinger

"Did I ever tell you, You’re my Hero!!! Thank you for all your work on WFM!!!!"

Want to send a “high-five” or “fist-pump” to a colleague that is going above and beyond? Celebrate them by sending a HERO card.

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