No Students at NHRMC Facilities through April 26

March 27, 2020
As the situation around the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to unfold, the following policy regarding clinical students continues, to ensure the health of our patients, the populations we serve, our teammates and learners in our clinical environments.  
1. NHRMC will continue to enforce a moratorium on all current and future student observation and shadowing experiences in all NHRMC facilities until future notice.   
2. Medical students, nursing, allied health, non-clinical interns, and graduate students enrolled in health-related professional programs of those affiliated schools, colleges and universities holding Clinical Education Affiliation Agreements with NHRMC, are cancelled through at least April 26th.   
NHRMC will communicate definitive return dates for students and any unique operational changes, such as any process for calling students back, that may develop.