Tom Curley, manager of Comprehensive Stroke Center, named Leader of Excellence.

December 22, 2021
Curley Shelbourn

Tom Curley has served in many roles during his 32 years at NHRMC and is currently the manager of NHRMC’s Comprehensive Stroke Center.

Tom is passionate about improving stroke care and providing the best possible outcomes for patients across our region. The “go-to” person when surveyors arrive on campus, he relentlessly works to improve when opportunities are identified.

He has been an advocate for new technology to help improve stroke outcomes and implement new processes that have helped reduce door-to-needle times for stroke patients.

Leading by example, Tom gives team members chances to grow through increased responsibility. His team’s engagement scores are superior, and they have zero turnover.

Tom’s impact can be felt far beyond his immediate team. He engages others throughout the hospital with a friendly smile and always knows whom to go for the answer to any question. And he should know because Tom has hired, retained and successfully mentored many key staff members who have changed the course of NHRMC’s trajectory. 

He encourages his team members to take advantage of educational opportunities and does so himself – he is currently working on his doctorate in nursing at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

For his dedication to our patients, his team, our organization and the future of stroke care in this region, Tom Curley is the NHRMC Leader of Excellence for this quarter.

Curley with team