Be alert for cyberattacks through phishing, smishing!

December 14, 2021
Did you know “Phishing” is a year-round sport? Well, sort of.  At least it is for Cyber Criminals because it continues to bring a return on their investment.  That is, phishing attacks are still the number one method used to compromise an organization. Stay vigilant. This time of the year expect to see these types of e-mail phishing subjects: “Year-end bonus soon,” “Missing Invoice from,” “Password Check Required,” “Redeem your gift card,” “Payment status," “Delivery status...” Be sure to use the “Report Phishing” button in MS Outlook to report any suspicious email or call our Help Desk at 910-667-7855.
Also, keep an eye out for Smishing.  That’s right! Hackers are using SMS texting as a phishing source called Smishing. The text usually displays as “Hello, Are you in the office?” followed with a “signature” from an Executive Leader like John Gizdic, Shelbourn Stevens, Laurie Whalin, etc. Remember do NOT reply.  Call our Help Desk at 910-667-7855 and report the phone number along with the message. 

Thank you for keeping our systems safe and secure!