Introducing our next theme for ‘Self-care isn’t selfish’: Choose

December 13, 2021
Choose self care

As we continue our 'Self-care isn't selfish' decompression campaign, this week we are launching our next theme for December and January: Choose.

There is redemptive power in personal choice. There are many things that our world, industry and circumstances bring that we have little to no control over. Yet we have the opportunity to make intentional choices every day. Over the next couple months, we will practice the ability to choose. Who do you choose to be today, and in this chapter, for the people in your life? Will you choose self-care, being kind to yourself and gratitude?

Print the poster

Print a copy of the signage to post in your work area. Please note there are two pages – one side to greet team members on the way in to work and one for them to view on the way out.

We'd love to hear what mindset you are choosing as you venture into this mindful practice. Share with us at [email protected].