Remarkable Moment: COVID patient credits Dr. Hanlon for giving her a ‘second chance at life’

December 15, 2021
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Our physicians and their care teams have poured their hearts into helping our COVID-19 patients recover and resume their normal lives. It takes a remarkable effort to treat them, and one of our recovered patients shared her gratitude for Charin Hanlon, MD, and her staff in this 5-star Google review:

From Sandy Sciales:

I was hospitalized for 13 days due to Covid Dr. (Hanlon) is an extraordinary physician. I looked forward to her visit every morning because she inspired me. She gave it to me straight- she pronounced a plan for my progress and detailed the steps the team was going to take me through to achieve recovery. Then she asked for my thoughts- more to ensure I was comfortable with it all. She is a God send. I owe her my second chance at life ❤️❤️💕
Thanks to Dr. Hanlon and her care team for the amazing work they do, and thanks to Sandy for recognizing them!